Trane Heat Pump- What Is A Heat Pump And What Are The Benefits?

If you’re thinking of buying a Trane heat pump or want to know if it will improve your lifestyle, this blog will discuss heat pumps and their various benefits.

Heat pumps are an incredibly beneficial unit for both homes and workplaces alike. Not only are they great for homes, but you may also find them in places like a cooling warehouse. Although a trane heat pump is great, how do heat pumps work?

Contrary to popular belief, heat pumps don’t work by generating heat. Instead, a heat pump absorbs heat from outdoor air and transfers it from one place to the next. Despite its name, heat pumps can also be used for cooling, making them very versatile.

A trane heat pump is an excellent piece of equipment and can benefit you in a variety of ways. If you were wondering whether a heat pump would be worth your time and money, keep reading to learn more about heat pumps and how they can be to your advantage!

The Top Benefits of A Heat Pump

As aforementioned, there are a handful of ways that having a trane heat pump can benefit you and improve your quality of life. By having a heat pump, you may find that you’re far more comfortable in your space.

A Heat Pump’s Functions Are Versatile

I mentioned earlier that a heat pump could also work as an air cooling system. This feature is incredibly nifty and gives you value for your money! Not only will you have an excellent heating 85 system, but it can also double as a cooling system if needed.

This perk is perfect because it saves you from having to spend money on an additional cooling system, ultimately reducing energy expenses. It also uses less space since it’s one system with two primary functions.

Heat Pumps Can Improve Air Quality

Heat pumps are built with a filter that purifies the air before expelling it into your space. If you struggle with a respiratory condition like asthma, having a heat pump that filters air prior to expulsion can help with ensuring your lungs aren’t triggered by polluted air.

Heat Pumps Are Low Maintenance

Heat pumps are often incredibly low maintenance and don’t require regular maintenance check-ups or servicing. Given that they’re low maintenance, you can be certain that buying a heat pump gives you great value for your money and you don’t have to worry about it malfunctioning if it’s good quality.

The Different Types of Heat Pumps

The variety and versatility of heat pumps on the market give you plenty of room to determine which type would best suit your needs and lifestyle. The different types of available heat pumps are as follows:

  • Air source heat pump. An air source heat pump is the most commonly used variety, as its energy-efficient and effective. Air source heat pumps operate by transferring heat between outdoors and your space.
  • Absorption heat pump. This type of heat pump is a more modern variety and typically uses thermal energy to operate. These heat pumps offer versatility, as they can use various heat sources to work effectively.
  • Geothermal heat pump. Geothermal heat pumps often use a ground energy source to operate. These heat pumps are also incredibly energy-efficient and reliable. Although installation costs tend to be pricier, they boast low operating costs.
Final Thoughts

The variety of heat pumps is great if you want a selection to choose from. No matter which type of heat pump you choose to install, you can be confident that it will perfectly fulfill its function!

Case Study

Heat Pump Ventilation Hire for Ambulance Triage Centre at New Cross Hospital

Heat Pump Ventilation Hire for Ambulance Triage Centre at New Cross Hospital

To provide temporary heat pump ventilation hire to a new ambulance triage centre whilst they awaited their new AHU. The AHU would be required to maintain the internal air temperature as well as ventilate the area.

Temporary Ventilation Hire in London for a Production Warehouse

Temporary Ventilation Hire in London for a Production Warehouse

This was one of those jobs that landed very quickly from a client with a number of requirements. As well as experiencing very high temperatures in the production area,

Temporary Computer Suite Cooling at the Big Data Institute Oxford

Temporary Computer Suite Cooling at the Big Data Institute Oxford

To install a reliable temporary computer suite cooling system. This was a very interesting and sensitive project that required a careful approach and much planning.


AHU Heat Pump Rental

AHU Heat Pump Rental

The smaller of our packaged roof-top heat pump range has the same functionality as our IH85 unit but is supplied on a smaller frame. Like the IH85 unit, it includes C02 monitoring.

Heat Pump AHU Hire

Heat Pump AHU Hire

These Versatile rooftop style heat pumps is an AHU packaged with a reverse cycle heat pump for electric heating and cooling.

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