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Emergency Chiller Hire

Emergency chiller hire is a service that supplies portable machines in response to critical situations that require cooling as soon as possible. For this reason, chiller units need to be maintained in readiness along with engineering capability to mobilise.

What Is Emergency Chiller Hire?

Emergency chiller Hire is fast supply of cooling units in response to urgent and unexpected situations that may occur. For example, these may include, break down of existing systems, changes in operations, or safety issues that arise.

If left unattended, un-planned down time in temperature sensitive operations and processes can lead to significant losses.

With this in mind, it is important to have an experienced company step in to recover the situation. Ideally, any such company should hold stock of maintained emergency chiller hire units and auxiliary equipment. This along with the technical knowledge and engineering capability to deliver fast, can recover the situation.

If you processes are critical, why not make a contingency plan? Made in advance, these allow for fast deployment of equipment- very helpful in emergency situations.

Our temporary and contingency planning services can support your business in times of need. Highly recommended by us and our clients.

Emergency chiller hire being delivery to an industrial site. Two temporary water chillers units were installed with a combined capacity of 1.1mw.

Get Fast Response to Emergency Breakdowns with Emergency Chiller Hire from Climate Rentals

How We Can Help You With Emergency Chiller Hire?

First and foremost, we hold large stocks of portable chillers and ancillary equipment at our engineering depot. Here it is maintained in good working order for fast dispatch to clients nationwide.

So if you have an immediate need get in touch now. We have the stock and technical know how to help immediately.

However, why wait until things get out of hand? With some pre-planning, situations can be controlled in a much calmer way. Even just a quick site visit and setting up lines of communication can reduce response times. Worth doing, right?

For this reason, many of our clients trust us with their contingency and production peak planning. At the present time, we are holding substantial stocks of ring-fenced equipment for rapid deployment to clients sites.

Please get in touch if you are interested in contingency planning or planned projects.

An emergency cooling installation at a London data centre, including chillers and AHU’s supplying ducted cooled air to the server area. Fast and effective cooling recovery.

A large emergency AHU hire project for a logistics business- 13x 50kw low temperature AHU’s and associated equipment where installed into this large warehouse to maintain cold chain operations.

Typical Sectors And Applications Where We Have Been Successful

  • Data centres– we have successfully supplied emergency chiller hire to data centres to maintain there chilled water systems and server rooms.
  • Hospitals and healthcare– undoubtedly one of the most critical areas we work in. We supply specialist chiller units with all ancillary equipment to support medical facilities operations nationwide.
  • Offices and other commercial activities including sports facilities. Temperature control in these areas can be of major importance, particularly in the food and pharmaceutical sectors. We have contingency plans in place for major pharmaceutical logistics operations.
  • Chilled storage and logistics– Our emergency chillers and specialist air handling systems are regularly installed into cold storage and chilled logistics operations. Fast response is guaranteed with large stocks of this equipment held in stock.
  • Warehousing– We have helped many food storage and logistics operations maintain their warehouses at optimal temperatures during the summer months. Emergency and planned operations, including partitioning are popular services.

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