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    Industries We Work In- Cold Storage and Chilled Logistics

    Its not until you start to work in cold storage and chilled logistics industries that you realise what it takes to get fresh food to the consumer. With the massive expansion of fresh produce available on the retail shelves, an industry to match has grown in the background.

    What Is The Cold Chain ?

    The cold chain is an un-interupted temperature controlled supply chain for perishable produce from production to the end user. The aim being, to maintain the product within its desired low temperature range, extending and ensuring its shelf life.

    Challenges abound, and in recent years major changes in consumer habits and the way Britain trades have presented new curve balls for the industry to respond too. Reacting quickly to this fast changing environment is critical for any chilled logistics company.

    And How Does ACR Support its Customers

    Climate Rentals have developed products and systems that allow customers react to changing circumstances, including;

    • Temporary cold storage buildings– supplied from stock and built quickly on any hard surface
    • Cold storage cooling rigs– portable rigs can be supplied from stock to temperature control any space
    • Filling gaps in the cold chain- Temporary  cold storage systems quickly installed to problem areas
    • Packing and production area cooling


    Inside a temporary chilled building, lots of clear span space

    A chilled packing area built inside a warehouse for Oakland International. This structure was operational three weeks from order


    Climate Rentals have over the years built up a wealth of experience in the chilled logistics industry. We have brought in many large projects within time and budget helping our clients meet many of the challenges facing them. If you would like any help or advice with your projects please contact us.


    Portable 50kw cold storage AHU's can be fitted quickly into any area requiring cooling

    An ACR LT50 installed into a cold room. These units are portable and can be supplied and fitted quickly into ant space that needs temperature control.

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