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Heat Pump Loading Chiller Hire

What is Heat Pump Loading Chiller Hire?

Heat pump loading chiller hire is a service that supplies temporary water chillers to remove the heat generated by heat pumps for testing and commissioning purposes, otherwise known as load testing.

This 400kw chiller was used to load test a new district heat pump system.

How are Temporary Water Chillers Used for Heat pump Testing?

Temporary water chillers are used to provide a load for for heat pumps to work against and is known as load testing.

Heat pumps work by transferring energy from one place to another. For example, an air source heat pump moves energy from ambient air to water which is subsequently circulated to heat inside spaces.

When these machines are installed they require testing to check for correct operation. Generally known as load testing, it requires the removal of the heat generated by the heat pump.

Packaged water chillers are perfect for this application. Not only are they compact, they also have a quantifiable power rating which is very useful when selecting a load source that is adequate for the purpose.

Very handy now that decarbonisation projects utilising heat pump technology are becoming more prevelant.

A plate heat exchanger being installed with a temporary rubber pipework system.

Whats Involved in Supplying and Fitting Heat Pump Loading Chiller Hire

Temporary water chillers are supplied with a number of component parts to connect them to a heat pump system for testing.

  • Heat exchangers- are used to isolate what are called the customers primary water system and the temporary chilled water circuit. This enables reliable control of the primary flow temperatures which may be out of a chillers range at 30 degrees plus. Also, cross contamination risks are eliminated and glycol can be used for frost protection and lower flow temperatures.
  • Control valves- can be installed into the secondary chilled water system which will open or divert in response to the flow temperature in the primary heat pump circuit. Typically, a proportional 0-10 volt control signal will be sent from a BMS system or controller to the valve actuator.
  • Temporary Pipe-work systems- are installed to connect the component parts in a safe and reliable manor. A popular connection method is by Camloc fitted to 10 bar rubber suction/ discharge hosing.
  • Temporary power supplies- generally using H07 RNF cable, they are quick to install, and with power distribution components including power breakers to derate, are very safe.


The above components are designed to be applied in a temporary way to provide a reliable system for testing purposes. Highly portable, they can be set up and operational in hours and hired for any duration to suite the project.

Do you Need Further Advice or Information regarding our service?

Don’t delay, if you are looking for advice or have an immediate need for heat pump loading chiller hire please get in touch by phone or contact form included on these pages. We pick up all messages regularly and will reply promptly.

We will contact you to discuss your needs and gather any information that is at hand. Once we have this we can quickly make some recommendations with budget costs to get the ball rolling. As the project progresses and more information becomes available, our proposal will be refined. Site visits are free and are highly recommended.

Be assured, that with a wide range of water chillers available, we can approach projects in a professional manner. Our experienced engineers will present the best possible proposal in terms of cost, practicality and operation capabilities.

We are happy to advise in any way we can and all quotations and budget costings are provided obligation free.

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A three port diverter valve installed in the secondary pipe-work system for accurate temperature control of the heat pump circuit.

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