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1000kw process chiller unit hire


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1000kw @ 7-12deg

1000kw Process Chiller Unit Hire

1000kw process chiller unit hire installed to support a clients district cooling system in the summer months.

1000kw Process Chiller Unit Hire- The Challenge

1000kw process chiller unit hire was required by this major pharmaceutical manufacturer in Kent to support their fixed on site systems through the summer months.

The site utilises two 1 megawatt water cooled Ammonia chillers for a district cooling system. Being fully loaded in the summer months, any failure of these chillers presents a massive problem for the site which relies on cooling for process and other comfort and clean room cooling.

As a contingency measure the client approached Climate Rentals to install a 1000kw chiller to support the site in the event of any failure.

The 1000kw chiller unit located next to the plantroom. In the background the flow and return pipework can be seen entering the plantroom.
The 16kw inverter driven pump set. Special attention was paid to the inverter setting to balance the flow between the temporary and fixed systems.

The Solution

Climate Rentals specified a 1000kw air cooled water chiller to meet the cooling demand in case of failure of one of the sites fixed units.

Of particular concern was the relatively high operating pressure of the chilled water system. At 5.5bar specially swagged rubber suction hose with stainless steel camloc fittings was used to prevent bursts.

Access to the clients water system was made from the main pump header and on the return pipework system. Because of the high water volume required, two pairs of 4″ flow and return pipework was specified.

In view of the fact that the temporary system was too potentially work alongside the buildings chilled water circuit, an inverter driven primary pump was specified to balance the flow correctly.

Simple toggle on/ off control of the 1000kw process chiller unit hire and pump set ensured fast reactive operation.

The completed chiller installation. Here we can see the water flow and return pipework in pairs connected to common flow and return manufolds on the machine. Single core 240mm H07RNF cable was used for connection to an isolated local supply.


Whilst not used heavily for disaster recovery, the temporary system proved itself in high ambient conditions by reducing the excess load on the clients Ammonia chillers.

Although this wasn’t necessarily the initial intention, the fact that the systems had been commissioned to run along side each other was a distinct advantage to maintaining reliable site operations

This temporary system remained in place for a contracted 12 weeks before removal.

A really good job that surpassed expectations.

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