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    Portable low temperature cooling systems

    Our most popular portable cooling system. Designed be be installed in hours, these powerful systems effectively cool large spaces. 

    Typically, we install these systems into to small and medium sized temporary cold stores.  Multiples can be installed to suite the size and application. Significantly, any single failure does not effect the overall system.

    Great systems which we highly recommend…

    Learn more about these systems here

    A temporary cold store cooling

    Climate Control air handling units.

    These powerful air handling units are used for heating and cooling of temporary buildings and other commercial or industrial spaces. 

    Designed to be portable, they will heat and cool as required to maintain accurate space temperatures. 

    Generally the units are fitted with ducting to distribute air around the space.

    Very durable machines… 

    Learn more about these machines here





    Water chillers

    Water chillers are larger water cooling machines that would generally be connected to multiple air handling systems. 

    For simplicity, chillers are supplied with modular rubber hosing and cabling systems that can be installed quickly.

    ACR supplies a large range of such machines. They are very effective ways of supplying cooling to large scale temporary cooling systems.

    Learn more about water chiller hire here





    Modular pipe-work systems

    ACR have developed pipe-work systems for install with our water chillers.

    Convenience and fast installation lend these systems to installation on temporary buildings and cold stores.

    The pipe-work carries the chilled water from chillers to the air handling equipment cooling the work area. 

    A great benefit of these modular systems is that they can be taken apart and used again, 0% waist.






    Air sock distribution for temporary buildings

    Air sock is a really great way to distribute air over large spaces.

    Easy to install, big areas can be effectively ventilated. Great for controlling budgets, it looks great too.

    Pictured opposite, ACR installed 1200mm sock to these temporary swimming pools at a major event.

    Very popular with our clients and highly recommended 

    Learn more about temporary air socks here

    AHU hire
    HVAC AHU hire

    Water chiller hire

    Water chiller hire

    air sock ventilation

    How to hire

    If your reading this and need temporary building temperature control, your in the right place. Get in touch to make contact with our experienced sales engineers. We are always happy to guide customers through the best options

    Once we have some basic details, we will arrange a site survey. With all the details collected we can make a proposal for consideration.

    On order we will supply the building with all temperature control equipment safely and on time.

    Full engineering support for your new facility. Experienced engineers are on hand 24/7 to ensure things stay in tip top running condition.

    All this for a simple monthly fixed payment. Lease terms, long and short term plans available.


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