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Equipment For Temporary Building Temperature Control

Temporary building temperature control is a great way to create the perfect storage space for your sensitive products. Or maybe, you need to improve conditions for personnel or production purposes, HVAC systems can help.

Why Use Temporary Building Temperature Control?

Temporary buildings are a great way to increase your companies storage or production capacity. However, sometimes these buildings are used to store sensitive products or processes that need more accurately maintained temperatures.

In such circumstances, we fit temporary buildings with heating and cooling (HVAC) equipment to accurately maintain perfect conditions within the structure.

Some of our more commonly fitted temporary building temperature control systems are shown on this page. Primarily, all are designed for trouble free installation and operation in these buildings.

If you cant see what your looking for here or have questions, please contact us for friendly advice.

A HVAC AHU installed with ductwork for temporary building temperature control- This ACR IH65 temporary AHU heat pump and air conditioner will automatically heat and cool as required. Really nice units with the added bonus of hepa filtration for cleanroom and medical applications.

Portable Low Temperature Chilled Storage Systems

Without doubt, our most popular portable cooling system. Featuring portable chillers and low temperature AHU’s, their modular components ensure they can be installed in a matter of hours.

Compact and powerful, we can install these systems to large and small temperature controlled buildings.

Ultimately flexible , multiples can be installed to suite the size and application, as a result, any single failure does not effect the overall system.

Great systems which we highly recommend…

Full details here

Multiple HVAC air handling units installed into a temporary structure for the London Olympics.

Hvac Air Handling Units For Temporary Building Temperature Control

These powerful air-handling units are used for heating and cooling of temporary buildings and other commercial or industrial spaces.

Designed to be portable, they will heat and cool as required to maintain accurate space temperatures. Generally, the units are fitted with ducting to distribute air around the space.

All in all, very durable machines with fully automatic controls for exceptional temporary building temperature control.

Browse our AHU range here

Water Chillers For Temporary Hvac Systems

Generally part of larger scale cooling system, chillers supply chilled water to air handling systems for cooling purposes.

For ease of installation, chillers are supplied with modular rubber hosing and cabling systems that can be installed quickly.

Suitable for a multitude of applications, ACR supplies a large range of such machines, which are above all, are very effective ways of supplying large scale temporary building temperature control.

Browse our chiller range here.

A 700kw Carrier chiller positioned next to event structures. The modular pipework seen will be installed to supply 5 ACR 160.120 AHU’s with chilled water

Packaged rooftop HVAC units are perfect for installing into temporary buildings and other areas that require a fast one box fix for heating and cooling problems. Flexible ducting is used to quickly connect the units to the building and other distribution systems. Also, a hepa filtration option is available. Very, very popular with our clients.

Packaged Heat Pump Ahu's With Heppa Filtration

Definitely one of our most technically advanced HVAC air handling units. Not only, do our Trane IH range feature a reverse cycle heat pump for great efficiency, they also have Heppa filters fitted for the safest operation.

For the aforementioned reasons, these units are particularly suited to large scale temporary installations requiring a one box solution and safe operation.

Undoubtedly, a convenient portable package and ideal for temporary building temperature control applications.

AHU case studies here

Air Sock Distribution For Temporary Buildings

Undoubtedly, air sock is one of the best ways to distribute air evenly over large areas. Easy to install, big areas can be effectively ventilated with minimal disruption.

Consequently this this saves time and money, and it looks great too. A real win win, and as such, a very popular product with our clients.

Highly recommended.

Pictured above, ACR installed 1200mm sock to these temporary swimming pools at a major event.

Large temporary air socks installed into a temporary swimming pool area. These were large at 1200mm

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