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    Chiller Hire

    Cooling [email protected] 20deg EWT50Kw
    Input Kw18Kw
    Max Current32A

    Operational Weight656Kg

    • A fully packaged unit- The chillers have on board pumps and tanks suiting them for process applications where system water capacity may be low.
    • High efficiency aluminium finned tank mounted evaporator. Mounting in the tank improves efficiency and virtually eliminates blockages.
    • Fitted with ultra reliable scroll compressors.
    • Highly portable- supplied in lifting frames these units can be installed quickly.


    • A clear area of 2x 2mt for positioning.
    • A clear route into site for delivery. Can be moved by forklift or into hard to reach areas for a Haib lorry.
    • A 32A three phase supply is required. The units are fitted with 32A Cform plugs/ sockets and can be supplied with extension cables for longer runs- ACR use H07 RNF multicore cables.
    • An isolated 1″ access point for the water flow and return connections.
    • 1 1/4″ 10bar rubber suction/discharge hosing is used for water connection. Hosing can be extended as required.

    How to hire a 50Kw water Chiller

    Hiring couldn’t be easier.

    1. Call or send an enquiry from the site to make contact with one of our professional engineers.
    2. With some basic information we can make a proposal with budget costs, and if required organise a site visit. Alternatively, if time is an issue, we have the experience to liaise remotely with on-site engineers to supply a solution quickly.
    3. When we have an order to proceed we will supply the equipment from stock to be installed by our engineering team. Our engineers will fully commission the installation and provide operational instruction.
    4. All our projects are covered by our 24/7 engineering support.

    Contact us now for friendly help and advice.

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