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    Cold Storage Cooling Hire


    AHU- Cooling Duty @4 Degrees air on 55kw
    Water flow/ return temperature -8/-4 Deg
    AHU Max Current 32A
    Recommended chiller capacity @7/12 deg 80kw

    AHU Weight755Kg
    AHU- width4400mm
    Depth 950mm

    1. Packaged design- the units are mounted in lifting frames with all controls on-board.
    2. Includes a glycol control valve for accurate zone temperature control.
    3. High capacity and airflow for the largest rooms
    4. Large stocks available for fast response to planned and emergency projects.
    5. Assured reliability, with full 24/7 engineering support and servicing.


    1. Space. Suitable locations for the internal and external plant. Internal AHU’s can be supplied with frames or scaffolding to elevate.
    2. Power. Power supplies will be required for the plant. We can help with temporary power cabling and generation if required.

    Low Temperature AHU Hire- 5 Straightforward Steps

    1. Call or send an enquiry from the site to make contact with one of our professional engineers.
    2. With some basic information we can make a proposal with budget costs, and if required organise a site visit. Alternatively, if time is an issue, we have the experience to liaise remotely with on-site engineers to supply a solution quickly.
    3. When we have an order to proceed we will supply the equipment from stock to be installed by our engineering team.
    4. Our engineers will fully commission the installation and provide operational instruction.
    5. 24/7 call-out and engineering support ensures reliable operation at all times.

    Contact us now for friendly help and advice.

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