Building Air Conditiontioning Chiller Hire

Building Air Conditioning Chiller Hire

Building air conditioning chiller hire has become critical in response to breakdowns. With many working environments being highly populated with people and computers, heat loads have increased significantly over the years, and as such, any failure causes major problems.

Applications For Building Air Conditioning Hire

Reliable building air conditioning systems are becoming critical in many workplaces for business continuity.

Water chillers which form the back-bone of these systems have become critical to the point where any loss of duty, partial or complete, can cause severe problems and loss of productivity.

Our heavy duty hire chillers are more than able to take the full or partial cooling load of your building to maintain full air conditioning function.

Major causes for concern are air conditioned data centres and server rooms. In some instances these areas are fed with chilled water from the centralised building air conditioning system.

These areas are particularly sensitive to chilled water failure. Fast installation of a rental chiller can avoid major problems here.

Contingency planning is recommended for these reliant systems to ensure a speedy installation of an emergency cooling system.

So whether you want to supplement the existing water chillers in high load conditions, or to replace a complete failure, we can supply any size of rental chiller to your site quickly to keep things cool.

Call us now for advice on air conditioning chiller hire systems. We are always happy to help and with large stocks at great rental prices you cant go wrong.

Building air conditioning chiller hire in the City of London. To provide air conditioning and data centre cooling, this 1 Megawatt temporary water chiller was lifted onto this building for a long term hire project

An ACR CH400 Trane chiller located on the roof of The Great Northern Railway control centre. Installed a long term hire, this machine provided critical cooling to the control and data centre to maintain operation.

Chiller specification data here for Trane CGAN 212

A 1mw temporary cooling installation serving a district cooling system for offices and processes on a large pharmaceutical site in Kent.

Building air conditioning chiller hire project case study here

Case Studies

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