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    Cold Storage Cooling Hire


    Cooling [email protected] 3 degrees air on54Kw
    Max electrical Input Kw 18.4Kw
    Fan air volume26,000m3/hr
    Cooling medium30% glycol/ water
    Shipping Weight750Kg

    • Temporary cold store installations in warehouses.
    • Installation to temporary buildings for low temperature chilled storage.
    • Increasing cold supply chain capacity
    • Increasing low temperature chilled storage capacity for peak production periods.
    • Spot cooling in cold stores
    • Low temperature cooling for chilled food production areas.
    • Warehouse temperature control in hot summer months.
    • Highly portable design- the units are mounted in lifting frames for safe handling and installation.
    • Full defrost controls fitted on removable frame. The frame can be removed for ground level location.
    • Manual over ride switching of all functions.
    • Electric defrost (18.5kw)
    • Glycol no loss bypass valve fitted- allows multiple units to be use independently on a common coolant system, meaning, accurate temperature control in all areas.
    • ACR low temperature chillers provide cooling. The chillers are installed with hosing to form a cooling loop.
    • 54kw cooling capacity at 3 Degrees- air flow 26,000 m3/hr

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