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Additional Cold Storage Capacity for a Major Flower Distributor

How do you create much needed additional cold storage capacity? What were the advantages for this major flower distributor?

Its one of those time old conundrums- “we don’t have enough space for our peak periods!” Cold storage is especially tricky to maintain in readiness for the six or seven weeks of the year when you really need it. That’s why renting is such a great idea. It creates the much needed additional cold storage capacity when you need it, without all the costs of owning.

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A major flower distributer

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Flower processing and distribution

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Additional chilled storage space

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400kw 5x 50kw low temp AHU’s


So, how do you create additional cold storage capacity?

  • Firstly, you need a suitable building- ideally with good insulation values
  • The site requires surveying and cooling loads calculated.
  • Check that the power supplies are suitable for the cooling equipment.
  • Identify suitable places to locate the internal AHU’s and external chillers
  • Fit the equipment, allow ample time for testing before using the area
  • Have the equipment serviced regularly for reliable operation.


In this instance, the client was looking to rent additional storage space for Christmas, valentines and Mothers day periods- typically in a two week window before.


Whilst the areas were partially insulated, no cooling equipment was fitted to maintain a required 4 degrees. These areas with a total of 17,000sq/ft required cooling.


Furthermore, due to lack of electrical capacity, power generation would be required. In terms of equipment, a lot was required due to the large areas and distances.

Flower Distributor

Our Solution to Create Additional Cold Storage Capacity

Following a detailed survey of the site we proposed that two systems be installed with separate generators and chiller systems.


  1. The larger system to have a 280kw chiller and three 50Kw low temperature AHU’s
  2. The smaller area to have 2x 50kw chillers, each serving a 50kw AHU


Both systems to be stand alone with generation. Chilled water design flow temperature of -6 degrees- 30% glycol mixed. We were very happy with this project.


Everything ran well, maintaining the areas at the 3 degree set point. So happy was the client, that they asked us back. A great result all round.

5 key advantages for this client of hiring additional cold storage capacity;

  1. No capital outlay or depreciation costs on capital equipment for additional cold storage capacity.
  2. Fixed weekly payments that are fully offset able against gross profit
  3. Reliable, efficient modern equipment is supplied- reduces energy expenses.
  4. All servicing and breakdown costs are met by the rental company.
  5. Flexibility, equipment levels can be increased or decreased as required.
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