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    Our Services- How can we Help you With Your Cold Storage Needs

    Over many years we have developed temporary cold storage systems that support our customers business growth. With attention to our clients needs we have developed innovative services that can be supplied quickly at very attractive rates.

    Temporary Building Cold Storage

    Temporary Buildings are a great way to increase you chilled storage capacity.

    Supplied flat packed they can be economically delivered and assembled on site to almost any size. Furthermore, they can be built on almost any flat hard surface inside or out.

    Insulated walls and roofs ensure efficient operation. Cooling systems are fitted to maintain the low temperature required.

    A very popular choice with our clients and highly recommended.

    Find out more here

    temporary building hire

    Steel Framed Temporary coldstore buildings

    More traditional steel framed flat packed buildings are another great option for temporary cold stores.

    Assembled on-site from pre-fabricated steel sections they can be located on most hard surfaces inside or out.

    Standard frame sections can be extended as required to any size.

    As a general rule the structures are clad with insulating PIR panels for efficient operation. Furthermore, portable cooling systems maintain space temperatures.

    See a relevant case study here

    cold store fish

    Temporary Coldstore conversion for warehouses.

    Converting warehouses for cold store operation is a very tricky field. Generally, standard warehouses are not the ideal option for coldstores.

    Insulation ratings are not always available or clear which is critical when specifying a cooling system.

    However in the right circumstances short term projects can, and have been, delivered successfully by us.

    For the best advice, please contact us.

    Please find below some case studies in this field or learn more here

    warehouse cooling hire fits most spaces

    Portable Reefers

    Probably one of the more typical and commonly used temporary solutions. Reefers are generally built into 20/40ft ISO container standards.

    Originally developed for international shipping, they also offer an flexible option for rapid deployment to sites- the trade-off being, limited space for maneuvering pallets inside.

    However, still very handy as a quick or longer term fix for smaller items.

    temporary cold storage hire

    Fast install temporary cooling systems

    Developed for rapid deployment, these handy cooling systems can be installed in hours to support existing coldstores.

    Consisting of packaged coolers and glycol chillers connected by flexible hosing, they are simple and fast to set-up.

    Available from stock they can be supplied in multiples to serve small and large projects alike.

    A very handy and popular product with our clients.

    Learn more about this product here

    Temperature controlled storage system

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