Temporary Cold Storage In Scotland. The Scalloway Fish Market In Shetland



Shetland Islands Council






Construction of cold store facility


Total KW

320kw Low temp cooling

Temporary Cold Storage In Scotland; The Temporary Fish Market Project In Scalloway, Shetland.

We were very proud to have been chosen to carry out this strategic project for Shetland Island Council. This project was a slow burner from the-off, with multiple visits to the Island, many options were discussed until the final solution was arrived at. Happily, our visits were always a pleasure, Shetland is a great place with wonderful landscape and great people.

Temporary Cold Storage In Scotland- The Challenge

To supply a full turnkey cold storage facility to house the existing fish market whilst the existing site was re-developed. The project length was proposed at 18 months.

Major factors discussed were the suitability of locating a building externally on the quay and the feasibility of building a structure of some sort in an existing warehouse. The latter was chosen as the best option due to the risk of high winds blowing down a traditional aluminium “A” framed building.

The market area was to maintained at 3 degrees for fish storage after sale before transportation. A full specification for the building was specified by the consultants Arch Henderson for temporary cold storage in Scotland.

Temporary Cold Storage in Scotland. The Scalloway fish market in Shetland

The Solution To Temporary Cold Storage In Scotland

We engineered an innovative solution to temporary cold storage in Scotland on the Shetland Islands.

A suitable building on the quay was identified. With a large clear span area it was ideal. We recommended building a modular steel framed “box” insulated with 50mm sandwich panels. Designed carefully, it it gave the largest internal floor plan available from the existing warehouse.

Cooling would be supplied by 4 independent cooling systems, each comprising of a 80kw chiller and 50kw low temperature ahu. A key advantage of stand alone systems is that there is no single point of failure. It was calculated that 2 systems would maintain the temperature.

With a limited 100A supply to the building generation was specified, again, for 100% redundancy, twin tandem running sets were specified.

Temporary Cold Storage in Scotland. The Scalloway fish market in Shetland

The Result

This project was built on time and on budget. At the time of writing this, the project has been on-going for 19 months.

No significant problems have been encountered, and to everyone’s surprise, even the porters who work the market like it, which we have been told is praise indeed (apparently they are very outspoken!!)

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