Temporary Ventilation
For Hospitals

What Is Temporary Ventilation For Hospitals

Temporary ventilation for hospitals is a service that provides equipment on a short term basis for supplying fresh heated or cooled air into a medical area, and as such, is considered non-permanent.

How Does Our Temporary Ventilation For Hospitals Work?

Temporary ventilation for hospitals works by maintaining a fleet of AHU’s designed for hospital applications in readiness for rapid deployment to site specific problems that may arise. This could include breakdowns or planned projects.

Designed to be portable, the units can be transported to a site within hours to address emergency situations. Not only will we deliver the units, installation can be completed by our fully qualified engineers.

Its a really great service from end to end and critical to keeping patients and staff safe whilst maintaining operations.

Below is a series of photos of a recent project at Yeovil Hospital. A Trane heat pump ahu was installed onto a roof and connected with flexible ducting to maintain operation whilst a replacement program was carried out.

The 5 Best Features Of Temporary Ventilation For Hospitals Services

  1. Professional, correctly designed equipment. Theres no getting away from it, your equipment needs to be properly made and maintained to reliably operate on site. As such, all our temporary ventilation for hospitals equipment is installed in lifting frames for safe handling and is fully serviced and tested.
  2. Specialist features are designed-in especially for medical applications. This includes Hepa filtration which is critical for safe operation. Furthermore, full fresh supply air systems and C02 monitoring are available.
  3. Specialist design and installation ensures successful outcomes. It cant be emphasised enough, when designing and specifying a temporary system, experience counts. Our technical team will work closely with clients to ensure the correct equipment is supplied, installed and maintained for project success.
  4. 24/7 engineering support throughout the duration of the project. Reassuringly, our engineers are on hand at all times to support our equipment and your project. We love the fact that temporary systems can be adjusted to meet variations in project conditions and will always endeavour to respond positively should these situations arise.
  5. Carry good stock levels of all auxiliary equipment required, including, power cabling, ducting, fittings, and all the other little things, that if you havn’t got, can hold jobs up. Pay attention to the detail!

Commissioning the Trane IH65 unit was an involved process. However, the unit does provide a flexibility in in control settings to completely tailor it to the application.

Successful Hospital Ventilation Projects Completed

We are really proud of the projects we have completed in the hospital sector- please find below a selection of temporary HVAC installations.

Temporary emergency triage centre ventilation.

This project was installed to assist with the early opening of a new triage centre at New Cross Hospital that was awaiting delivery of new air handling equipment. This temporary HVAC unit satisfied the need for full fresh air supply whilst maintaining internal temperatures for comfort.

This project used a ACR 65 heat-pump AHU Read the full case study here.

Temporary Ventilation hire at the RSH in Southampton.

We provided temporary ventilation with a heating function to support an ongoing AHU replacement programme.

Critical to the success of this project was an on-going support package that adapted the system to a rolling programme of various AHU replacements.

This project used a ACR 80.60 AHU with LTHW heat exchanger skid. Read the full case study here

Contact Us Now For Help With Your Project

Always contactable, by phone or email, we are happy to give the best advice regarding our temporary building levelling platform systems.

With depots in the North and South carrying extensive stocks, we have the coverage to respond quickly to any project. This coupled with an experienced team ensures fast, successful outcomes.

For typical temporary building hire, modular and raised deck projects please check out our case studies below

temporary ventilation for hospitals with hepa filtration for safe operation
Temporary ventilation for hospitals features hepa filtration for safer operation in sensitive areas


Yes, flexible contracts are available for the rental of ventilation equipment of all types to suite any number of applications, and in general, are offered with terms from weeks to multiple years for a fixed payment.

There are various different types of units available for temporary ventilation for hospitals including;

  • Reverse cycle heat pump AHU’s. These units will heat and cool using a refrigeration circuit, whilst ventilating with mixed fresh air.
  • Traditional air handling units with fans with heating and cooling coils that use water as a medium supplied by external equipment such as boilers and/or chillers.
  • Air handling units with controlled electric heating that is used for tempering the supply air to heat the work space.

If you have a need, it’s best to get in touch immediately with as much information as possible to help the supplier specify suitable equipment and give an indicative price before progressing to a site survey and full quotation.

All sorts of applications requiring fresh tempered air, possibly with a hepa filtration requirement, including amongst others;

  • General wards
  • Emergency rooms and critical care
  • Triage centres
  • Maternity departments
  • Other laboratory and testing facilities

Yes, temporary ventilation hire is supplied as a full service including the equipment, installation and on-going servicing for the duration of the contract.

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