A Temporary Chilled Logistics Building For Food Distribution



A Major Chilled Logistics Operation



Food and other Perishable Products



Temporary Building with Temperature Control


Total KW

750kw Low temperature cooling system

A Customer Success Story- A Temporary Chilled Logistics Building…

See how we delivered a temporary chilled logistics building for a major food distribution company. Constructed on our Heavy Deck system for a raised level.

Temporary Chilled Logistics Building- The Challenge

This was a really interesting temporary chilled logistics building project, and one which, due to the building being built on uneven ground, utilised our unique Heavy Deck raised flooring system.

Critically, the platform would have to bear the weight of loaded fork lift trucks. In its self, this not straight forward because of the point loading at the wheels. The temperature control range was specified at 20 degrees.

A Temporary Chilled Logistics Building for Food Distribution
Lifting the Heavy Deck panels onto the support legs. The legs are adjustable and with the panels are levelled to create a solid floor.

The Solution To Temporary Chilled Logistics Building

We recommended that our Heavy Deck system was used to construct a raised floor. When completed, the rest of the structure could then be built off this base to complete the building.

Additionally, the Heavy Deck system used would support fully loaded counter balance trucks meaning there was no compromise in the use.

The main building was of typical Aluminium framed construction with 70mm PIR insulated wall and roofing panels. Overall, a very solid building with very good thermal values.

Ventilation and temperature control was provided by Trane IH heat pumps. These units maintain automatic control over the heating and cooling without the use of fossil fuels on site. They also feature C02 sensors which automatically control air quality by activating fresh air dampers. Great units that are an effective tool against indoor virus spread.

Lifting the building structural supports into place. A crane is used to erect before they are fixed into position.

A Temporary Chilled Logistics Building for Food Distribution
The completed temporary building- this stayed in operation for 48 months whilst the client built new facilities.


A great project from start to finish.

From the Heavy Deck up, a very solid, high quality building was delivered. In addition, the HVAC system provided very reliable and efficient temperature control ensuring that the stored products were kept in optimal condition.

This temporary chilled logistics building was in operation for 4 years- a very successful and fruitful project for all.

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Products Used In This Case Study

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