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Sports Event HVAC Overlay- Case Study

Sports Event HVAC Overlay- The Olympic Lee Valley Basketball Courts

Sports event HVAC overlay case study- Undoubtedly one of the largest and most demanding temporary HVAC projects that we have been involved with, but one we relished, and brought home in style.

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Nussli Switzerland

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Event Production

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Temporary Event HVAC Overlay

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700kW cooling- 5x 160kw AHU’s

A Temporary building sports facility built near london. A complete HVAC overlay system was installed on the site
The completed temporary facility on the Lee Valley. The two basketball courts can be seen along with the air ductwork. Each court was fitted with two AHU's.

Sports Event HVAC Overlay- The Challenge

ACR were contracted by Nussli Switzerland to supply a complete sports event HVAC overlay system for temporary basketball courts.


This major Olympic project was due to be located on the Lee Valley behind the Ice Centre. The proposed overlay system was to heat and cool automatically in the three main zones and provide ventilation as required.

A ventilation, air conditioning AHU fitted alongside a temporary building sports facility.
An ACS 160.120 fitted supplying conditioned air to a mixed use and changing area on the site. The units feature electric heating and are chilled water cooled.

The Solution- Design

This sports event HVAC overlay project was designed from the ground up by Advanced Climate Rentals.


Cooling load was calculated at 220kw per court with an additional 150kw for the changing and mixed use areas. A marginal heating requirement was envisaged for early morning and evenings.


For air handling, our ACS 160.120 climate control units were specified for their high air volume and heating/ cooling capabilities. Sophisticated on board electronic controls offered the capability to control the space temperature closely to the design of 22 Degrees.


For effective air distribution, fabric air-socks were recommended. Not only do air socks supply air over large areas, they also distribute it evenly, reducing drafts and cold/ hot spots. Essential for sports facilities.

A 700kw temporary chiller and pump located next to a sports facility near London. Serving a temporary building
A temporary 700kw chiller and pump station installed on a large event HVAC overlay project.

The Solution- Centralised Water Chiller Plant

To manage the large cooling load reliably, a centralised chilled water system was specified, including; 1x Carrier 700Kw water chiller, a 23kw twin head pump station and a reinforced rubber hose distribution system with stainless steel fittings. Chilled water flow was controlled locally at the AHU’s with a three port diverter valves.

Chilled water hose and ancillary equipment installed to a temporary building event HVAC overlay project.
A modular temporary chilled water system installed to a HVAC overlay project. In the foreground 6 inch composite hosing can be seen connecting a 700kw carrier chiller to a pump station and distribution system.

The Solution- Installation

The system was installed within 3 days and operational for a period of 3 months during the training and games periods. 24/7 engineering support ensured reliability at all times.

Sports Event HVAC Overlay- Summary

Overall this Event sports event HVAC system offered exceptional service. Temperature control of 2 Degrees around set-point was achieved, well with the 8 degrees specified.


Crucially, in the hottest conditions, with a 36 Degree outside temperature, the system happily maintained a 24 Degree internal temperature- a 12 degree differential.


Furthermore, disaster was avoided early in the project.


Due to considerable rain-fall saturating the floor structure (engineered soft wood) considerable dehumidification was required.


By reducing chilled water flow temps across the AHU’s whilst simultaneously reheating the supply air with the electric heaters, large quantities of water/ moisture were scrubbed from the building structure.


This really was a make or break moment for the project, and is a good example of the flexibility of a well designed and installed system.


Contact Climate Rentals now for all you sports event HVAC overlay needs…


Sports Event HVAC Overlay- Case Study

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