Warehouse Cold
Storage Conversion

Warehouse Cold Storage Conversion

Warehouse cold storage conversion- convert your ambient warehouse quickly into a cold store…

How Acr Can Help With Warehouse Cold Storage Conversion.

In line with our customers requirements, our modular warehouse cold storage conversion systems are easily transported and installed into warehouses. Furthermore they can be scaled to any size required.

In addition, with large stocks of modern equipment we can react quickly to our clients changing business needs. brilliant, for fast changes in business strategies whilst maintaining cash flow.

Please contact us if you would like to learn more about our services. We are always happy to give our best advice.

A large 1.1 megawatt warehouse cooling systems. 13x 50kw low temperature ahu’s were installed to maintain this warehouse at 2 degrees.

Typical Warehouse Cold Storage Conversion Scenarios Include;

  • Chilling a major logistics companies 60,000sq mt ambient warehouse to 2 degrees to maintain a large contract whilst permanent facilities were completed.
  • Installing a chiller system to a rented warehouse for a major flower distributor- additional space is required for seasonal peaks including Mothers Day.
  • Supplying a temporary coldstore building for additional fruit storage capacity
  • Installing additional cooling to a seed potato storage warehouse to stop sprouting.

Many warehouse cold storage conversion case studies can be found here. Feel free to browse and please let us know if you have any questions.

This ambient warehouse was converted in the winter months for peak flower storage. A total of five 50kw low temperature AHU’s were installed, running on a common 350kw chilled water circuit.

A 50kw low temperature air handling unit mounted at high level on racking. Used for temporary chocolate cooling

Equipment We Use For Warehouse Cold Storage Conversion

  • Portable water chillers to supply the water/ glycol to the AHU’s
  • Quickly installed temporary pipe-work systems for water/ glycol supply to the AHU’s
  • Low temperature AHU’s with temperature and defrost controls fitted
  • Generators can be supplied for stand alone systems

Above all, our warehouse cold storage conversion systems are designed to be installed quickly to any space. For instance, a 100kw cold store chiller system can be installed within 2 hours on-site.

Same day delivery and install can be achieved from first enquiry.

Case Studies

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