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A Temporary Chilled Building for Logistics Operations

A Temporary Chilled Building for Logistics Operations- How This Packing Area Was Delivered in Under Three Weeks

To construct a temporary chilled building for a food packaging operation.

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Chilled Logistic Operation

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Chilled Logistics

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Temporary Chilled Building

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600kw cooling- 10x 50kw LT AHUs


temporary Chilled Building- The Challenge

A great job this one.


We were approached to offer a rapid solution for a chilled packing area. Large in size, and to be built within an existing warehouse, the area was to be used for chilled storage and packing of box meals.


A very tight schedule of 3 weeks to completion was required to meet a contract start date. With this in mind, a rapidly built structure and cooling system was required. The proposed contract duration was 35 weeks with costed options for extension.

A temporary building under construction
A temporary building under construction. The aluminium frames are assembled on the ground before being lifted into position.

The Solution to a Temporary Chilled Building

After initial meetings and discussions, an insulated 25x100mt structure was proposed with a 600kw glycol cooling system. A modular Aluminium framed structure was fitted.


Supplied flat packed, the building was assembled on-site. Superior insulation was achieved with 80mm PIR wall panels and inflatable membrane roof. For rapid installation, a modular cooling system was fitted with 3 external glycol chillers and 10 internal 50kw low temperature AHU’s. A rubber hosing system with Camloc connectors was used for glycol distribution.


In the photo, construction of the building can be seen. The Aluminium support beams are assembled on site and lifted/ fixed into position. Following-up behind, the wall and roof panels are then installed. Built in 5mt bays, the building can be extended to any size.


We really love jobs like this.

From initial customer contact to hand over, delivery was achieved in under 5 weeks. All the customers requirements were met and they were able to start operations on-time. It really shows what can be achieved when a motivated customer meets a “can do” contractor.

The project to date has been in operation for 3 months. Modifications have been made internally to the building, with areas partitioned to suite ongoing needs. Another key advantage to this temporary solution.

A completed temporary building on hire located in a larger warehouse space
Temporary Building for logistics
Internal shot of the completed building. The low temperature AHU's can be seen to the side. Ten were fitted in total to maintain a 4 degree holding temperature.

The completed temporary chilled building. In the background the low temperature AHU’s can be seen.


Fitted their own lifting frames, the AHU’s are designed to be portable. Significantly, for rapid install, they include a controller and glycol cooling valve.

Temporary cold storage glycol chillers
The external glycol chillers. In the foreground the 400kw chiller and to the rear the 2x 150kw chillers. Modular rubber hosing was used for distribution.

The external plant- 2x 150kw and 1x 400kw glycol chillers.


To ensure reliable operation of the chilled building three separate cooling systems were installed. In this way, the failure of any one system would not compromise operation. Modular rubber hosing can be seen running away from the units.

5 key advantages of hiring a temporary chilled building;

  1. Rapid installation from stock.
  2. Fixed weekly payments that are fully offset able against gross profit
  3. No capital outlay or depreciation costs on capital equipment.
  4. All servicing and breakdown costs are met by the rental company.
  5. Flexibility, modifications to the structure and cooling system can be made easily.


For further information on our temporary building cold storage services please click here

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