Chiller Hire - How To Rent

Chiller Hire

What Is Chiller Hire?

Temporary water chillers are portable machines that can be delivered to a site and set-up quickly using modular hosing and cabling. Flexible chiller hire and leasing terms are very good options for businesses with an eye on capital spend and fast growth.

5 Key Points To Chiller Hire- How To Rent

  • Great for fast business expansion- No upfront costs
  • Fixed monthly costs- plan your budgets and manage cash flow
  • Chiller hire- how to rent advice included with all project proposals. Install and on-going support as standard.
  • Flexibility- Chiller hire is a great way to increase or decrease capacity
  • Increased efficiency with modern equipment
Chiller hire- how to rent and install
Chiller hire- how to rent and install a temporary chiller is illustrated here. Temporary cable and flexible 10bar pipework was installed with to connect these chillers with a combined capacity of 1.1 megawatt.

How Does Chiller Hire Work? A Step By Step Guide

Following survey we can design and install a suitable system to meet your requirements. Large stocks of auxiliary equipment are available, such as hosing and fittings to make the most complicated systems. Here we can see an inverter driven pump installed at a clients site.

First Contact & Site Surveying

Once contacted, your project will be discussed and some basic information gathered. Generally this will include, site location, application and duration of the project. At this point, a site visit by an experienced engineer can be arranged. Your requirements will be discussed in detail and site conditions assessed for equipment positioning and water/ electrical access points. A detailed proposal will then be made.

temporary chiller hire
Temporary chiller hire delivery to site. We use lorry mounted cranes to deliver and position on site.

Transporting And Locating On Site

On order, a delivery date and safety documentation will be given. The chiller will be brought to the site. Larger chillers will be delivered with a lorry-mounted crane. Cranes allow positioning in awkward areas with limited access.

Chiller Hire- How to Rent


The rental chiller will require access to the customers water and electric systems. A pre-installation site survey will identify suitable points. Connection to the water system is generally by means of 10bar rubber suction/ delivery hose. Lengths are connected with Camloc couplers for extension to the required length. By and Large, tough rubber H07 RNF cable is used for connection to the electrical supply.

Chiller Hire- How to Rent


On Completion of the installation, rental systems are commissioned by F-gas qualified engineers. They will thoroughly check all aspects of the systems operation to ensure it meets the design requirements. Best Practice requires a full function and leak test of the chiller plant.


Handover And On-going Support

On completion, the commissioned system will be handed over to the client. For the safe reliable use of the plant, instruction will be provided and any questions answered. Call-out support is available 24 hrs to address any issues that may arise.

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