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    Cold Storage Cooling Hire



    AHU- Cooling Duty @4 Degrees air on55kw
    Chiller duty @ 12 degrees on70Kw
    AHU Max Current32A
    Chiller max current63A


    AHU Weight 755Kg
    AHU- width 4400mm
    Depth 950mm
    Height 1100mm


    1. Fast install from stock for emergency of planned projects
    2. Modular design- can be built-up to cool the largest spaces
    3. Longer term projects for reduced capital outlay and fast expansion.
    4. Simple monthly payments that are 100% off-settable against profits.
    5. All maintenance and breakdown costs included


    1. Space. Suitable locations for the internal and external plant. Internal AHU’s can be supplied with frames or scaffolding to elevate.
    2. Power. Power supplies will be required for the plant. Our equipment is supplied with Cform plugs.
    3. We can help with temporary power cabling, distribution  and generation if required.

    How do I Hire Temporary Coldstore Cooling? 5 Straightforward Steps

    1. Call or send an enquiry for a fast response from one of our experienced team
    2. With some basic information we can make a proposal for temporary coldstore cooling with budget costs. If required, a site visit can be organised. Alternatively, if it is an emergency situation our team can liaise remotely to turn things around quickly. We have experience of these dynamic situations.
    3. Once we are ordered to proceed we will supply the equipment promptly as proposed.
    4. Our turnkey projects are expertly commissioned to achieve optimal operation.
    5. 24/7 call-out and engineering support ensures reliable operation at all times.

    Contact us now for friendly help and advice.

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