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Temporary Warehouse Cooling Hire

Temporary Warehouse Cooling Hire to Protect Your Business

The importance of temporary warehouse cooling hire cant be overstated. Properly designed and installed cooling systems can be the difference between profit and loss, not only in financial terms, but also reputational damage. For this reason, our clients look to us to protect them from these situations with properly designed and delivered systems.

Got Problems With a Hot Warehouse? We Can Help

In the first instance, it is really important to plan temporary warehouse cooling hire. Predicting problems before they arise and planning ahead is crucial for smooth business operations.

More often than not, clients that contact us are not aware of the services that are available to them, and are surprised by the scale of what can be achieved. So, its definitely worth getting in touch to find out more.

A high level mounted AHU fitted into a warehouse for cooling
A temporary AHU fitted onto racking at high level keeping chocolate cool over the summer months
Temporary AHU's mounted on scaffolding directly cooling an isle
Temporary AHU's mounted on a scaffolding platform to directly cool this isle in a larger warehouse

Typical Temporary Warehouse Cooling Hire Scenarios Include

  • Supplying temporary cooling, including chiller units and air handling systems maintain comfort cooling.
  • Holding warehouses with sensitive products within fixed temperature bands.
  • Converting to Temporary chilled storage–  suitable for all crop, perishable’s or finished products.
  • Coldstore buildings and areas– Turnkey solutions for fast installation of a partitioned temperature controlled storage or production area
  • Long and short term temporary warehouse cooling hire options, including leasing and hire to buy.


Importantly, we realise, and have experience of the fast changing nature of these situations. Accordingly, we have developed the equipment and engineering capabilities to promptly solve warehouse temperature problems.

Temporary Warehouse Cooling Hire

Warehouse Coldstore Conversions including Temporary Structures

Another popular service we supply is temporary refrigeration systems for chilled storage. Existing warehouses can be converted or partitioned to provide additional cold storage space for peaks in volumes or summer temperatures.

Additionally, temporary buildings can be supplied for a rapid, flexible chilled storage solution.  Located inside or out, they are suitable for all crops, perishable’s or finished products.

To see a temporary chilled building located inside a larger warehouse please click here.

Or a warehouse temperature controlled partition HERE

More Information on Warehouse Coldstore Conversions HERE. Or more temporary cold storage options HERE

A temporary coldstore fitted into an existing warehouse
A temporary coldstore structure built into a existing warehouse to provide a chilled storage area

A temporary chilled area constructed within a larger warehouse space. This full turkey project was supplied with all cooling systems and power generation for full stand alone operation.

Altogether, a great option if you need to store temperature sensitive products within specification.

Temporary coolers fitted into a large logistics warehouse for temperature control
Part of a temporary system fitted into a massive logistics warehouse for banana storage.

Coolers installed into a warehouse isle providing temperature control over the summer months.

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    Case Study

    Turning a Warehouse into a Temporary Coldstore

    Turning a Warehouse into a Temporary Coldstore

    One of the larger warehouse cold storage conversions we have carried out. From the initial proposal to final commissioning and ongoing support, this project ticked all the boxes for us and a very happy client.

    Temporary Cooling for Chocolate Storage- Logistics Warehouse Cooling

    Temporary Cooling for Chocolate Storage- Logistics Warehouse Cooling

    Temporary cooling for chocolate storage. Without doubt one of the most challenging projects we have ever completed. This emergency cooling installation presented challenges in terms of equipment positioning and safe working practices.

    Temperature Controlled Warehouse Partitioning for Banana Storage

    Temperature Controlled Warehouse Partitioning for Banana Storage

    Certainly one of the largest and most challenging temperature control projects we have ever carried out. Measuring at 288,000 sq/mt and at a height of 20 metres, this area was partitioned from the main deep chill warehouse for a 15 degree storage chamber.

    Temporary Ventilation Hire in London for a Production Warehouse

    Temporary Ventilation Hire in London for a Production Warehouse

    This was one of those jobs that landed very quickly from a client with a number of requirements. As well as experiencing very high temperatures in the production area,

    Additional Cold Storage Capacity for a Major Flower Distributor

    Additional Cold Storage Capacity for a Major Flower Distributor

    Cold storage is especially tricky to maintain in readiness for the six or seven weeks of the year when you really need it. Renting equipment when you really need it makes business sense.

    Ventilation Hire and Cleanroom Cooling for Alcatel Submarine Networks

    Ventilation Hire and Cleanroom Cooling for Alcatel Submarine Networks

    It’s safe to say this ranks among one of our most challenging projects. Albeit, not in terms of scale, but more from a controls point of view. The client’s plant was to undergo a replacement programme.

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