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    Industries We Work In- Event HVAC Hire

    What is HVAC Hire for Events?

    HVAC or heating ventilation and air conditioning is supplied to events to maintain the space used at a comfortable temperature. Consequently,  this improves the experience of the visitors and participants.

    To achieve this heating or cooling HVAC equipment is required. Whilst heating can be applied directly by placing, say, electrical heaters in the area, cooling is a more technical process requiring removal of heat. An example being, the placing of an air handling unit (AHU) inside the space and using chilled water from a external cooler to cool the air passing across the it. In this way heat is moved from the inside to out.

    How Climate Rentals can Assist

    We have designed HVAC systems that can be supplied to any event, large and small, to create the perfect environment. Importantly, with the current focus on ventilation to minimise virus infection, we have air handling systems that can supply large amounts of fresh air to the space.

    With safety in mind, our newer units have C02 sensors fitted to automatically monitor air quality and increase fresh air supply as required.

    All systems are designed to be installed quickly and cost effectively.

    Services include amongst others;

    • Event heating systems- electric and fossil fuelled
    • Event cooling- internal and external AHU’s available along with water chillers
    • Heating and cooling heat pump AHU’s. Automatic heating, cooling and ventilation from one electrically powered unit.
    • C02 control- Automatic fresh control from AHU’s- vital for Covid 19 protection.
    • Full event HVAC overlay for multiple site venues
    • Full design and build service
    Event HVAC hire- flexible ductwork can be used to feed air into the event. All other equipment is outside.

    Flexible ductwork was used at this Versace show in London for feed cool fresh air into the event area.


    Event ventilation hire for a show

    The HVAC air handling unit with ducting connected outside the building.


    Climate Rentals can bring a wealth of experience to your event. We can advise, design and build an effective HVAC system that’s meets you expectations and budget. Please drop us a line and we will be happy to help and advise.



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