Industries We Work in –
Leisure & Hotels

Industries We Work in – Leisure & Hotels

We supply HVAC- heating, ventilation and air conditioning to hotels and other leisure facilities to maintain the spaces they use at a comfortable temperature for customers and staff alike.

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Emergency/ contingency cooling, heating with installation

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Hotels, Sports Facilities, Event and Other Public Spaces

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Fast install chiller and HVAC systems

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Yes, available now for long and short terms

HVAC hire

Why use Temporary HVAC in the Leisure & Hotel Sector?

Unquestionably, HVAC systems play a very important role in the hotel and leisure industries. Often taken for granted, when they go wrong there are far reaching consequences. Indeed, much damage can be done to operations, reputation and profits if things go unresolved.

Luckily, there are temporary services that can bridge the gap until things are repaired.  This is where we can step in with help and advice to get you up and running in quick time.

With a broad selection of equipment available, we have helped kitchens, gyms, hotels, pools and changing rooms with a range of temporary HVAC solutions.  Additionally, full delivery and installation services are available for complete peace of mind.

Temporary ventilation AHU hire

How Climate Rentals Can Assist with Hotels & Leisure HVAC

Climate Rentals can assess your requirements based on a detailed understanding of environmental HVAC requirements.

We will recommend the right solution to keep you and your guests comfortable. Whether it is for a one-off event, a reaction to unexpected weather or a temporary fix, we can have equipment onsite at very short notice.

Services to the Hotel and Leisure Industries, include;

  • Air conditioning and HVAC units – supplied from stock and installed quickly to hotel and leisure premisses.
  • Extra cold store capacity – for when you need extra capacity
  • Temporary cooling for extra hot days or busy events – supplied from stock
  • Quick response – we can provide equipment to cover for breakdowns

Climate Rentals knows how important guest comfort is to your business. We can have extra cooling and air conditioning units to your hotel, spa, restaurant or other leisure facility at short notice. There’s no need to panic. Just talk to our team about your specific requirements.

Temporary cooling for a temporary building used for a sports event

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    Temporary Swimming Pool Ventilation Hire at Basingstoke Aquadrome

    Temporary Swimming Pool Ventilation Hire at Basingstoke Aquadrome

    Basingstoke Aquadrome required a ventilation system to maintain operation whilst their fixed AHU was replaced.

    Chiller Hire for a Hotel- a Low Noise Solution

    Chiller Hire for a Hotel- a Low Noise Solution

    ACR Ltd were called by the engineering team at the Marriott Hotel in Durham with a significant problem- their fixed York chiller had broken down and they needed a replacement.

    Swimming Pool Heating Hire

    Swimming Pool Heating Hire

    An air handling system is critical to maintaining the correct humidity and temperature in swimming pools. Problems can arise when the temperature drops and condensation forms.

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