Emergency Ahu Hire

Emergency AHU hire is a critical service for clients that require fast delivery of HVAC services to maintain business operations. For this reason, equipment needs to be maintained in readiness along with engineering capability to mobilise.

What Is Emergency Ahu Hire

Emergency AHU Hire is fast supply of HVAC equipment in response to problems at clients businesses. In general, these include break down of existing systems, or changes in operations.

For some businesses un-planned down time in temperature sensitive areas and processes can stop operations. As a result, significant losses can occur, which, with the correct response can be limited.

With this in mind, it is important to have an experienced company step in to recover the situation. Ideally, any such company should hold stock of useable air handling and auxiliary equipment, along with the technical knowledge and engineering capability to deliver fast.

Also useful, is contingency planning. Made in advance, these allow for fast deployment of equipment- very helpful in emergency situations.

Emergency AHU hire at the Big Data Institute in Oxford. AHU’s, chillers and generation where supplied to maintain data centre operation.

Get Fast Response To Emergency Breakdowns With Emergency Ahu Hire From Climate Rentals

How We Can Help You With Emergency Ahu Hire

Firstly, if you have an immediate need get in touch now…. we have the stock and technical know how to help with most problems.

Importantly, we hold large stocks of emergency AHU hire equipment at our engineering depot. Here it is maintained in good working order for fast dispatch to clients nationwide.

For this reason, many of our clients trust us with their contingency and production peak planning. At the present time, we are holding substantial stocks ring-fenced for clients which can be deployed rapidly.

Please get in touch if you are interested in contingency planning.

Emergency AHU Hire at Southampton Hospital. This 80kw air handling unit was installed to maintain operation whilst their fixed systems were repaired and replaced.

A large emergency AHU hire project for a logistics business- 13x 50kw low temperature AHU’s and associated equipment where installed into this large warehouse to maintain cold chain operations.

Typical Sectors And Applications Where We Have Been Successful

  • Chilled logistics and storage- we have provided low temperature air handling systems and plant for the largest cold storage projects- planned and emergency.
  • Data centres– we have successfully supplied emergency AHU hire to server and patch rooms to keep them operating with no down time. Major customers include Equinix.
  • Hospitals and healthcare– surely one of the most critical areas we work in. We supply specialist units with Heppa filtration and are proud to have supported many projects in this sector.
  • Offices, warehousing and other commercial activities including sports facilities. Temperature control in these areas can be of major importance, particularly in the food and pharmaceutical sectors.

Case Studies

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