Industries We Work In-Commercial Property And Office Hvac



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Industries We Work In- Commercial Property And Office Hvac

Commercial property and office HVAC systems are now seen as indispensable. Important health benefits are now associated with well maintained HVAC systems. And furthermore, because of our historical buildings services associations, Its an industry we know very well.

Industries We Work In- Commercial Property And Office Hvac

Top of the agenda in recent years has been the requirement for well ventilated office space to prevent infection spread. As such, Well maintained Commercial Property & Office HVAC systems have never been so important.

Furthermore, offices fitted with effective ventilation, cooling and heating systems are markedly more productive, and as such, any loss of these can have a serious detrimental effects to business activity.

commercial property
A large temporary chiller install in the City of London. Two 1 megawatt chillers were lifted onto the roof of this office building on a long term rental contract

A 400kw temporary chiller installed on a roof of a commercial building for comfort and data centre operations

How We Help With Temporary Commercial Property & Office Hvac

In the event of breakdown or fast expansion of business operations we can supply temporary systems on hire fast. Some of these services are noted here.

  • Water chiller hire– our portable machines can be delivered and installed quickly to maintain a cool building
  • Ventilation systems- temporary AHU’s can be installed to most buildings maintain or improve ventilation systems
  • Heating Hire- Boilers/ air source heat pumps supplied for hot water heating systems.
  • Contingency planning and recovery for commercial property & office HVAC
Commercial Property & Office HVAC
A temporary water chiller fitted adjacent to the Shard building. The building was due for demolition, so this temporary installation ticks all the boxes for the client.

5 Key Advantages Of Renting Commercial Property And Office Hvac…

  1. Fast reaction to equipment breakdown with long repair lead time.
  2. Increased capacity for peak summer or winter months
  3. Reduced capital expenditure and fixing associated costs of commercial property & office HVAC
  4. Medium term rentals for shorter leases, where for instance, the building is due for demolition or refurbishment.
  5. You will benefit from modern efficient equipment that meets regulations.

Climate Rentals has a wealth of experience in the commercial sector. We understand our clients needs and can offer well designed and engineered packages to maintain building operations.

If you would like any help or advice please feel free to contact us at any time.

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