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Process Cooling Hire

What is Process Cooling Hire?

Process cooling hire units, are more often than not, temporary machines that can be delivered to a site and set-up quickly using modular components. As a result, losses from downtime can be limited.  Furthermore, with an eye on capital spend and fast growth, flexible temporary  systems can be very good options for businesses.

What are the 6 Best Reasons to Hire for Process Cooling Hire?

1. No upfront capital outlay- for fast business expansion

2. Flexibility- Process cooling hire is a great way to increase or decrease capacity

3. Fixed monthly costs- plan your budgets and manage cash flow

4. Fast response times to breakdowns or seasonal demands

5. Full engineering support- all repairs included in costs

6. Increased efficiency with modern equipment

A 700kw carrier process cooling hire chiller installed to maintain chemical reactor cooling
A Carrier 30GX 700kw chiller installed to provide critical chemical reactor cooling. Supplied on a long term lease agreement
Chilled water hose and ancillary equipment installed to a temporary building event HVAC overlay project.
A modular temporary chilled water system installed to a HVAC overlay project. In the foreground 6 inch composite hosing can be seen connecting a 700kw carrier chiller to a pump station and distribution system.

How Can ACR Help Your Business?

At ACR we focus on convenience, price and design to get things done professionally with minimal fuss. Our diversified fleet of rental chillers and cooling systems are fully backed by 24/7 engineering support.

Consequently, your process cooling hire system will be properly designed, installed  and supported at all times. Great for business and reduced stress levels!

Along with this, our modern fleet is available in capacities from 20- 750kw and is available with hose and cable from stock for fast delivery.

A 400kw trane chiller installed for a low temperature process cooling hire application
A 400kw Trane chiller installed with temporary hosing and cabling running a low temperature chilled water/ glycol loop.

So, What are Typical Reasons for Process Cooling Hire?

  • To replace a broken down or unreliable cooling systems
  • To supply additional cooling in peak periods
  • Temporary testing and development rigs
  • Temporary AHU space cooling for production
  • Low temperature/ ice making glycol systems
  • Cooling for temperature controlled storage and logistics operations.

Contact us Now for Help with Your Project

Always contactable, by phone or email, we are happy to give the best advice and options for your projects.

With depots in the Midlands and South we have the coverage to respond quickly to any project. This coupled with an experienced team ensures fast, successful outcomes.

For a step by step guide to hiring a chiller click Here

350kw process cooling hire. A process chiller installed at a plastic production plant
A 350kw water chiller installed at a plastics injection moulding factory. Chilled water plays a critical role in the forming process.

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    Case Study

    1000kW Process Chiller Hire

    1000kW Process Chiller Hire

    1000kw process chiller hire to assist with a plastic injection moulding process. The client was experiencing increasing production difficulties in the hot summer months due to on site chiller failures. Chilled water performs the important role of cooling the extrusion after the injection moulding process.

    Chemical Reactor Process Cooling Chiller Hire

    Chemical Reactor Process Cooling Chiller Hire

    Chemical reactor chiller hire for a major chemical production company. Syngenta approached ACR for a solution to their cooling needs at their KIP production facility.

    Industrial Chiller Hire in Kent for Pharmaceutical Production

    Industrial Chiller Hire in Kent for Pharmaceutical Production

    To supply industrial chiller hire in Kent consisting of a 1.1mw temporary chiller system acting as a contingency backup to the clients ammonia systems.

    Process Chilled Water System Hire for Potato Washing

    Process Chilled Water System Hire for Potato Washing

    Jersey Royal Potato’s approached Climate Rentals for a system to supply chilled water to their washing process at 5 Degrees.

    Ventilation Hire and Cleanroom Cooling for Alcatel Submarine Networks

    Ventilation Hire and Cleanroom Cooling for Alcatel Submarine Networks

    It’s safe to say this ranks among one of our most challenging projects. Albeit, not in terms of scale, but more from a controls point of view. The client’s plant was to undergo a replacement programme.

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