Cold Store Hire

What Is Modular Cold Store Hire?

Modular cold store hire is a flexible insulated building that is supplied and built from common standard components. Because components are interchangeable, they can be added together to extend a structure to any size required.

Some Of The Key Advantages Of Modular Cold Store Hire

Modular cold store hire is a great option for adapting internal spaces such as warehouses into cold storage areas.

Our modular cold stores are supplied flat packed and constructed on-site to whatever dimensions are required. They are self supporting and can be built on any flat surface.

In what is a simple fast process, a couple of men can build these structures without disruption to your normal business activities.

Cooling systems can be provided for a full turnkey service on cost effective rental contracts.

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A modular insulated steel framed building fitted into a warehouse space for food storage and logistics operations

Our Customers Ultimately Like Modular Cold Store Hire For..

  • Fast conversion of internal areas into cold stores
  • Modular coldstore hire can be used for rapidly increasing storage capacity for seasonal peaks or other unexpected situations.
  • For temporary storage whilst improvements or other building projects are carried out
  • Modular coldstore hire is flexible- Buildings can be extended easily/ quickly from stock for as long as you need.
  • Limits your upfront capital expenditure.

In short, modular cold store hire is a great way to boost or maintain your business operations. The key here is flexibility, which our products have in abundance. In the above photograph we can see a completed building. As mentioned, the buildings are delivered in kit form and assembled on site for minimal disruption.

Conveniently, the buildings are built in bays and can be extended to any size necessary- making the most of any space available.

Once the frame is in position, PIR panels and cooling systems are fitted to complete the room. Panels, and indeed, the coolers can be supplied in various specifications to suite your project.

A temporary modular coldstore fitted into a larger warehouse space. This temperature controlled area was used for pharmaceutical storage and logistics operations

The coolers fitted internally to the cold store. These 50kw low temperature AHU’s maintained the temperature within the store at a fixed 4 degrees

The Five Key Features Of Modular Cold Store Hire

  1. Modular coldstores are flat-packed for economical transport and access to your site.
  2. The insulated buildings are quickly constructed in any area by small teams for minimal disruption.
  3. The buildings can be extended to any size to make the best use of existing space.
  4. Insulated in any specification of PIR panel, the coldstores are very efficient.
  5. Supplied with cooling systems for reliable holding temperatures above and below 5 degrees.
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