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Heat Pump Ventilation Hire for Ambulance Triage Centre at New Cross Hospital

Heat Pump Ventilation Hire at New Cross Hospital.

To provide temporary heat pump ventilation hire to a new ambulance triage centre whilst they awaited their new AHU.

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New Cross Hospital

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Heat pump ventilation unit

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90kw Heating/ 65kw Cooling

heat pump ventilation hire
The Trane IH65 located outside the new triage centre in Birmingham. The unit was connected to the buildings ductwork system using flexible ducting.

Heat Pump Ventilation Hire- The Challenge

To install a temporary ventilation system for heating and cooling a new ambulance triage centre. With the winter months descending, it was critical to get the centre operational to relief pressure on the emergency department. An effective HVAC system would be an important element of delivery.


Critically, the AHU would be required to maintain temperatures as well as ventilate the area with Heppa filtrated fresh air. An extract system was also required, which, along with the supply air needed to achieve 6 air changes per hour. 100% fresh air was specified.


The temporary heat pump was to be connected to the customers supply and extract ductwork on the roof of the building.


The Solution to Heat Pump Ventilation Hire

At first glance this heat pump ventilation hire appeared straight forward. Fit a high specification heat pump AHU with Heppa filtration to service a new ambulance triage centre whilst they awaited their new units.


In truth, the system required careful commissioning and was a learning curve for all. Working closely with the designers, a Trane IH65 rental AHU was specified.


Whilst the unit was considered over sized in terms of its delivery airflow, inverter fan drive allowed this to be tailored to the requirements whilst maintaining the heating duty.


Also, usefully the units also include electric heater batteries which add capacity to the heating system, massively helping during defrost cycles to keep the supply air temperature elevated.


Commissioning turned out to be trickier than first thought. The 100% fresh air supply and extract requirement loaded the heating more than was first realised. However in the end, with careful air balancing and adjustments to the control strategy, involving the heat pump and electric heater batterie control, a consistent internal space temperature was reliably achieved.


Its always the way, the jobs that you think are a shoe-in turn out to be trickier than first thought. That was the case here, and whilst it can be frustrating, it really helps you explore your equipments (and you own) capabilities. Generally theres always a way through, and indeed, with persistence, that was the case here.


Key to success here was getting the heating strategy correct. Critical to this was the flexibility provided by the heat pump and additional electric heaters.


In the end a great result was achieved here. The hospital were able to open a fully operational centre earlier than would have been safely possible without this ventilation system.


Unquestionably, we endeavor to supply top of the range equipment with flexibility built in for all challenges.

temporary ventilation for hospitals installed and commissioned
Commissioning the Trane IH65 unit was an involved process. However, the unit does provide a flexibility in in control settings to completely tailor it to the application.

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