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Chiller Hire

What Is Production Cooling Chiller Hire?

Production cooling chiller hire units are temporary water cooling machines that are installed to improve manufacturing processes. Commonly, they increase production volumes and extend the life/ reliability of the machinery used- a win win for the producer. Also, in response to breakdowns or peaks, temporary chiller units can be hired on flexible terms to maintain business operations at full capacity.

Advantages Of Production Cooling Chiller Hire

Chiller hire and leasing can be a brilliant option for a business. Below are some of the best reasons to hire.

5 Key Advantages Of Production Cooling Chiller Hire Include

  1. Fast supply of equipment to cover scheduled servicing or breakdown of fixed site systems.
  2. Production chiller hire leasing- fast ramping of business operations with limited Capx.
  3. Flexibility, temporary installations can be modified rapidly in response to changing site conditions, generally from stock.
  4. Full Turnkey installation and engineering support. Fast install and ongoing servicing is included.
  5. Utilise modern equipment for efficient trouble free operation of production cooling chiller hire- boosting production volumes.

A 1mw temporary chiller installation at a pharmaceutical production plant.

How Climate Rentals Can Help Your Business?

Climate Rentals operates a modern fleet of equipment from its engineering depot. Here, our equipment is maintained in good operational condition for immediate supply to our customers.

With a range of modern equipment, coupled with extensive engineering knowledge, we can solve customers problems in a prompt and hassle free manor.

This includes, full site surveying and project design, detailed proposals and fully project managed installation and commissioning.

Ongoing service support is offered 24/7 for reliable operation of production cooling chiller hire. And be assured, we are always on hand to attend any meetings to further improve your operations.

All this under a flexible contracted umbrella for brilliant results.

A 400kw Trane chiller installed into a production test facility for process cooling.

A 700kw chiller installed- providing process cooling for a pharmaceutical production process.

Production Sectors We Have Had Success In.

Pharmaceutical– We have assisted some of the largest producers including Pfizer with production and comfort cooling.

Food production and storage– Of strategic importance, we provide process cooling and cold storage solutions of significant scale.

Automotive and other industrial production- Experience really counts here. Fast response and reliability are key to hitting targets.

Chemicals and plastics– Increasing production, and importantly, maintaining safety within reactors and production processes.

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