Event Air-conditioning Hire In London- The O2 Arena Athletes Tunnel



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120Kw cooling- 4x 20kw AHU’s

Event Air-conditioning Hire In London- The O2 Arena Athletes Tunnel

Event air-conditioning hire in London for an Olympic project that was specified and delivered at short notice for the games.

Event Air-conditioning Hire In London- The Challenge

ACS were contracted by Nussli Switzerland to supply an air conditioning hire system for a temporary structure.

A tunnel was proposed to allow athletes covered air-conditioned access from the training area to the arena. As always, this project needed delivering quickly.

Event air-conditioning hire in London
Four 30kw event air conditioning hire AHU's were installed into the athletes tunnel connect the trainer area to the main event hall.

Behind the scenes. This particular 100kw hire chiller was chosen for its low noise characteristics. Chilled water was piped to the AHU’s on a common flow and return with branches to the individual event AHU’s

The Solution

Different temporary air conditioning systems were considered for the tunnel cooling, including, split PAC, ducted air, and internally fitted air handling systems.

After weighing-up all the options, it was decided that internally mounted water cooled ahu’s would provide the most cost-effective cooling system.

Four 20kW AHUs were installed with a 150kW chiller as base plant for the tunnel cooling system. Reinforced rubber hose with Cam-loc connection system was used for water distribution.

Handily, temperature control was adjustable locally at the air handling units giving the client complete control over the internal climate.

The system operated though-out the games remaining reliable at all times. No call backs were needed to this system.

Event air-conditioning hire in London- The o2 arena athletes tunnel


This type of system is very compact and powerful. The air handlers can be installed directly into the areas requiring cooling. Their high cooling capacity, small footprint and pleasing aesthetics suite them perfectly to this type of work.

The chilled water system was designed to be maintenance free due to limited access during the games. An oversized expansion vessel was fitted to maintain pressure in the chilled water system for the duration. Definitely, reliable, low-maintenance, event air-conditioning hire in London.

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