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Temporary cooling units

What are Temporary Cooling Units?

Temporary cooling units are portable machines generally supplied on flexible contracts for a fixed fee to meet a short short term need, and as such, are considered a non-permanent solution to heat removal. Although mostly considered as portable air conditioning units, other types include water chillers and HVAC air handling units for larger applications.

What are the Different Types of Temporary Cooling Units?

Below are some of the most common types of temporary cooling units;

  • Portable air conditioning units are as the name suggests highly portable units that can be delivered and installed easily and are suitable for smaller offices and spot cooling applications. Heat rejection is usually by means of air ducting.
  • Water cooled air handling units (AHU’s) are larger machines that can be positioned directly in a space or used with ducting to feed the air from the unit into work area. Cooling takes place inside the unit as air is moved over a water chilled heat exchanger. An external water chiller is required for this function.
  • Water chillers cool water that is passed through them. More often than not, these units are placed outside where the heat removed from the water is rejected to atmosphere using fans. The cooled water is then circulated and used to cool any number of processes including machinery and air conditioning.
  • Packaged Heat pump AHU’s are as the name suggests a one box air conditioning unit that includes fans and a refrigeration system that cools (and heats) the air flow. Because of their size and heat rejection fans these units are located externally and the air supply ducted.
A temporary cooling unit installed at at hospital for emergency cooling
A packaged heat pump AHU installed into an new ambulance triage centre whilst a permanent unit was sourced.
A temporary air handling unit fitted to a hospital in the south west.
A temporary air handling unit fitted at a hospital maintaining services whilst a planned ducting renewal project was completed. The unit was connected to the building with ducting.
Temporary cooling units installed into a Boeing 747 being used for an event
Temporary cooling units being used to cool and ventilate a Boeing 747 plane that was being used for an event. This MK Airlines plane is static at Cotswold airport and is used for events

The 5 Best Features of Temporary Cooling Units Services

  1. Professional, properly designed equipment.  Theres no surprise to hear that our equipment needs to be properly designed, made and maintained to provide reliable operation. As such, all our temporary cooling units are regularly serviced and thoroughly tested before despatch.
  2. Specialist functions are incorporated into different types of equipment. This means that the equipment recommended and supplied closely matches the application for successful operations. 
  3. Experience led design and installation; With decades off engineering experience in our team successful outcomes are ensured. Site surveys are free with our technical teams working closely with clients to make sure that  the correct equipment is supplied, installed and maintained for project success.
  4. 24/7 engineering support throughout the duration of the project. Reassuringly, our engineers are on hand at all times to support our equipment and your project. We love the fact that temporary systems can be adjusted to meet variations in project conditions and will always endeavour to respond positively should these situations arise.
  5. Carry good stock levels of all auxiliary equipment required, including, power cabling, ducting, fittings, and all the other little things. We really do have stock of all the big and little things to get things done fast.
two air handling units with chilled water hosing, controller and power distribution.
Temporary cooling units, along with accessories (pipework and cabling) installed into a logistics warehouse to maintain chilled storage conditions.
Temporary cooling units installed into a data centre
Emergency AHU hire at the Big Data Institute in Oxford. AHU's, chillers and generation where supplied to maintain data centre operation.

Successful Temporary Cooling Units Projects Completed

We are really proud of the temporary cooling units projects that we have completed- please find below examples of temporary cooling installations.

Temporary computer suite cooling at the Big Data Institute Oxford

This was a really great project to be involved with. Not only highly technical, also, critical to the clients high profile operation and one that we were honoured to be trusted with.

This project used our ACR 160.120 AHU’s, 150kw chillers with generators and other accessories to provide temporary cooling to the data suite whilst critical works were carried out.

For the full case study please click here

Temporary cooling units for an event aboard a Boeing 747

One of those really unusual jobs that come along every now and then which present unique challenges. Presented at very short notice, ACR provided a quick turn around solution to cool this structure.

This project used a ACR 160.120 AHU with a 100kw chiller and air distribution, including air sock. Read the full case study here

Contact us Now for Help with Your Project

Always contactable, by phone or email, we are happy to give the best advice regarding our temporary cooling systems.

With depots in the North and South carrying extensive stocks, we have the coverage to respond quickly to any project. This coupled with an experienced team ensures fast, successful outcomes.

For typical temporary cooling hire projects please check out our case studies below

A 1megawatt chiller being lifted in the City of London for temporary chiller hire
A ACR 1megawatt chiller being lifted in the City of London for a long term temporary cooling project.

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    Yes, flexible long and short contracts are available for the rental of temporary cooling units of all types to suite any number of applications, and in general, are offered with terms from weeks to multiple years for a fixed payment.

    It all depends on your requirement. As specialists, we can guide you through the  are various different types of temporary cooling units available and recommend and install the perfect solution for you.

    We have a large range of options including;

    • Reverse cycle heat pump AHU’s. These temporary cooling units will heat and cool using a refrigeration circuit, whilst ventilating with mixed fresh air.
    • Water chiller units cool water passing through them which is circulated to auxiliary equipment such as air handlers or process cooling machinery.
    • Traditional air handling units with fans with cooling coils that use water as a medium supplied by external equipment such as chillers.
    • Portable air conditioning units are used as a quick solution to smaller spot cooling applications.

    If you have a need, it’s best to get in touch immediately with as much information as possible to help the supplier specify suitable equipment and give an indicative price before progressing to a site survey and full quotation.

    All sorts of applications requiring a temporary solution to high temperatures. These could include amongst others;

    • Industrial process cooling
    • Emergency cooling hire for offices, hospital wards, warehouses etc
    • Chilled logistic operations and storage facilities experiencing cooling faults or capacity increases including volume peaks.
    • Event space cooling, including temporary buildings that require air conditioning.
    • Other laboratory, development and testing facilities

    Yes, temporary cooling units hire is supplied as a full service including the equipment, installation and on-going servicing for the duration of the contract.

    All this is included in one fixed cost- you really don’t have to worry about a thing.

    Case Study

    Chiller Hire for Hospital- Critical Cooling for a Pathology Building

    Chiller Hire for Hospital- Critical Cooling for a Pathology Building

    When this Trust needed chiller hire for hospital buildings they turned to ACR for a fast effective solution.

    Heat Pump Ventilation Hire for Ambulance Triage Centre at New Cross Hospital

    Heat Pump Ventilation Hire for Ambulance Triage Centre at New Cross Hospital

    To provide temporary heat pump ventilation hire to a new ambulance triage centre whilst they awaited their new AHU. The AHU would be required to maintain the internal air temperature as well as ventilate the area.

    Event Air Conditioning Hire- A Bespoke 747 Cooling Project

    Event Air Conditioning Hire- A Bespoke 747 Cooling Project

    Advanced Climate Rentals were approached at short notice by the client with a significant problem. The plane was due to be used for an event, this included decking out the fuselage with live foliage to give a woodland theme.

    Data Centre Cooling Rental During a Major CCU Refit

    Data Centre Cooling Rental During a Major CCU Refit

    ACR was contracted to supply temporary data centre cooling rental whilst a major CCU replacement programme was carried-out.

    Sports Event HVAC Overlay- Case Study

    Sports Event HVAC Overlay- Case Study

    ACR were contracted by Nussli Switzerland to supply a complete HVAC overlay system for temporary basketball courts. This major Olympic project was due to be located on the Lee Valley behind the Ice Centre.

    Industrial Chiller Hire in Kent for Pharmaceutical Production

    Industrial Chiller Hire in Kent for Pharmaceutical Production

    To supply industrial chiller hire in Kent consisting of a 1.1mw temporary chiller system acting as a contingency backup to the clients ammonia systems.

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