Ventilation Ahu Hire

Temporary Ventilation Ahu Hire

Temporary ventilation AHU hire, featuring a range of equipment suitable for all commercial and industrial HVAC applications. Complete systems designed and built from the ground up to maintain your work spaces at optimal conditions.

What Is Temporary Ventilation Ahu Hire?

Temporary ventilation AHU hire provides a non permanent solution for air movement and conditioning around structures or spaces. Generally, because they are temporary, air handlers are designed for fast installation with everything that is needed for operation, including any controls, included within compact dimensions.

As a result, our portable units are specifically designed for temporary ventilation AHU hire applications where a powerful packaged unit is required. And with the capability to heat, cool and ventilate large and small areas alike they are a perfect solution.

Supplied from stock ensures fast delivery and installation to sites that have an immediate requirement.

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One of the more unusual temporary ventilation AHU hire projects that we have carried out. This 70kw temporary cooling system was fitted to a static Boeing 747 at Cotswold airport for an event.

Brilliantly Engineered Temporary Ventilation Ahu Hire Delivered And Installed Nationwide

How Can We Help With Your Ventilation Project?

With a diverse array of temporary ventilation AHU hire equipment available, we are able to design and install a HVAC system that meets your requirements in full.

Our experienced team will guide you efficiently through the process. From inception to delivery and aftercare we love delivering for our customers.

Some of our most popular equipment includes;

  • Climate control AHU’s. Mounted in lifting frames, these highly portable units feature chilled water coils and electric heater banks. The units can be externally fitted and ducted to the work area.
  • New to the fleet- Trane IH reverse cycle heat pumps. These fantastic units will heat and cool with efficient heat pump technology. Heppa filtration fitted for extra safe operation.

A packaged heat pump AHU fitted to an ambulance triage centre at New Cross Hospital, Birmingham

Temporary ventilation AHU hire at a North London Data centre. These AHU’s and water chiller were installed to provide support during a CCU refit.

Sectors We Successfully Work In

Having worked in a multitude of sectors over the years, we can confidently state that our experience gives us an edge in what we offer to our clients.

Critically, experience can make all the difference in delivering reliable, efficient and cost effective projects that can really be a game changer for businesses.

We have worked successfully in some of the following sectors..

  • Data centres
  • Warehousing and logistics operations
  • Events spaces and temporary HVAC overlay
  • Temporary buildings
  • Public/ commercial buildings and sports facilities
  • Temporary ventilation AHU hire for Olympic projects

Case Studies

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