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Data Centre Chiller Hire

What is Data Centre Chiller Hire?

Data centre chiller hire is a service that supplies water chillers to sites that require additional or breakdown support. Critically, data centres cannot function without effective cooling, so fast turn around systems are without a doubt an advantage here.

5 Key Requirements for Successful Data Centre Chiller Hire

Undoubtedly one of the most sensitive industry sectors, data centre chiller hire needs to be supported by an engineering company that understand the issues at hand.

Things to consider;

  1. Contact your supplier with as much detail as possible, such as cooling duty required and other site conditions, as noted below.
  2. Ensure that there is clear access to site to position equipment- Hiab trucks are generally used for delivery and positioning.
  3. Make available an electrical supply and safe connection point. Most larger chillers require lugged connection for cables.
  4. Isolated access to the chilled water system- typically 2 to 6″ flanged or BSP are required for data centre chiller hire.
  5. Experienced installation and commissioning for trouble free and reliable operation without making the situation worse.

Indeed, considering the points above, having a contingency plan in place is a very good idea and something we would highly recommend. Please contact us to discuss this.

a large 700kw chiller located ouside a data centre.
A large 700kw chiller connected to a data centre chilled water system. The machine was used to maintain Nplus1 redundancy whilst repairs were made to the fixed chillers. Temporary cabling can also be seen.

Prompt Professional Chiller Hire for Data Centres Nationwide- Call Now

Three 70kw chillers installed at a data centre supplying cooling to a server room whilst repairs are made
Three 70kw packaged water chillers supplying internal AHU's. Installed to support operations whilst the centre was completed. Project location, Slough

How can Climate Rentals Help Your Business

In the first instance, we have the experience and stock available to respond to data centre cooling issues rapidly.

Lending its self to flexibility, our diverse fleet of chillers and ancillary equipment, including AHU’s, are designed to meet the demands of data centres. Namely, fast supply and fit with reliable fully supported operations going forward.

As previously mentioned, forward planning can put systems in place to help with resilience in the event of un-foreseen circumstances and is a service we offer.

Likewise, if you are planning works we can support this with professionally designed and installed data centre chiller hire.

A temporary chiller and AHU fitted outside a data centre for computer room cooling
A 250kw water chiller and AHU fitted outside a data centre. The chilled air was ducted into the server area to support a CCU replacement programme.

Ancillary Equipment We Supply With Chillers

Please find below equipment that we supply with data centre chiller hire.

As can be seen, we can use our extensive equipment options and experience to design a solution that fully meets you needs without compromise.

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    Case Study

    Chiller Hire for Government Offices/ Data Centre

    Chiller Hire for Government Offices/ Data Centre

    To supply temporary data centre chiller hire to support a critical government building. ACR were approached by a long term client with an emergency situation.

    Emergency Server Room Cooling For London Data Centre

    Emergency Server Room Cooling For London Data Centre

    To provide emergency server room cooling during un-planned repair works. Critically, the area required fast installation of a cooling system to maintain seem-less operation.

    Temporary Computer Suite Cooling at the Big Data Institute Oxford

    Temporary Computer Suite Cooling at the Big Data Institute Oxford

    To install a reliable temporary computer suite cooling system. This was a very interesting and sensitive project that required a careful approach and much planning.

    Temporary Patch Room Cooling in a Data Centre

    Temporary Patch Room Cooling in a Data Centre

    To provide temporary patch room cooling hire for a major data centre operator. This client was experiencing problems with one of their fixed units and required a temporary system to be installed for secure operation.

    Data Centre Cooling Rental During a Major CCU Refit

    Data Centre Cooling Rental During a Major CCU Refit

    ACR was contracted to supply temporary data centre cooling rental whilst a major CCU replacement programme was carried-out.

    Sports Event HVAC Overlay- Case Study

    Sports Event HVAC Overlay- Case Study

    ACR were contracted by Nussli Switzerland to supply a complete HVAC overlay system for temporary basketball courts. This major Olympic project was due to be located on the Lee Valley behind the Ice Centre.

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