Ancillary Equipment For Temporary Chillers

Temporary chilled water hose hire and ancillary equipment rental from Advanced Climate Rentals.

Chilled Water Hose and Ancillary Equipment

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Chilled Water Hose Hire and Ancillary Equipment

Temporary chilled water hose hire and ancillary equipment rental from Advanced Climate Rentals.

Handily, we hold large stocks of hose and ancillary equipment for quick installation- For all types of projects, a complete rental cooling system can be designed, delivered and installed within hours, maintaining your business continuity.

As standard, we use 2, 3, 4 and 6 inch rubber and composite hosing for our temporary systems. Camloc fittings provide a reliable connection and is used with a variety fittings, valves, flow control and strainer devices. Surprisingly complex chilled water systems can be built quickly on-site in this way.

In the example below, chilled water hose and ancillary equipment can be seen installed. Incorporating, 6 inch composite hosing connecting a 700kw carrier chiller to a pump and distribution system.

The wider system incorporated five AHU’s serving three areas- two full size basketball courts and a mixed use changing and rest area.

The chilled water hose on delivery- this was a big job!

Chilled Water Hose Hire
A large chiller installation is progress. This Carrier chiller an extensive temporary pipe-work system was installed to a large event overlay project.

As standard in our temporary chilled water hose hire systems, we use 10 bar rubber suction and discharge hose.

For larger 6” bore systems Composite Polypropylene flexible pipe-work is used. Composite hosing is lighter and more flexible suiting it to temporary installations where space restrictions prevail.

10 bar rubber delivery and suction hosing is constructed from black flexible NR/SBR rubber with embedded high tensile steel helix & textile braid manufactured to BS1102: 1977(1983).

Working temp range: -20ºC to +70ºC. 10 Bar working pressure.

Composite Hose is manufactured from polypropylene fabrics and films in addition to weather/ abrasion proof outer cover with galvanised internal and external wires for structural reinforcement.

Working temp range: -30 to +80ºC. 14 Bar working pressure

6” composite hosing is connected with PN16 bolted flanges.

Connection systems used for temporary chilled water systems are Camloc to 4” and PN16 flanged above. Fittings and adapters can be supplied in steel, or for cleaner systems Stainless Steel. Plate heat exchanger hire also available for “clean side” work.

Chilled Water Hose Hire

An example of a temporary chilled water hosing system. This set was installed with temporary chillers- it allowed for the flow to be changed over between the clients pumps.

Chilled Water Hose Hire

A simple chilled water system with heat exchangers to isolate potable water on the clients side. This system provided chilled water for potato washing

Pump hire for all temporary chilled water systems. All capacities of pumps available for our temporary installations- bespoke units and pumping stations designed and built to order for more unusual projects. Fully containerised rental pump stations available for long and short term hire.

Chilled Water Hose Hire

A temporary 700kw chiller and pump station installed on a large event HVAC overlay project.

Temporary twin head pump stations stocked in an ISO containers- complete with pressurisation/ expansion units, dosing pots, control panels etc. The control panels feature a dual switchable supply from fixed or generator supply.

Supplied with temporary chilled water hose hire for a complete hydraulic system with all the features you would expect from a permanent installation.

Chilled Water Hose Hire

Containerised chilled water pumps for temporary chiller installations

chilled water hose hire
skid mounted inverter driven pump are available for hire now. Often these are supplied with chiller hire projects with extensive temporary pipe-work systems.

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Chilled Water Hose Hire


Chilled Water Hose Hire

Temporary chilled water hose and ancillaries rental from Advanced Climate Rentals.

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