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    Air Handling Unit Hire



    Cooling/ heating duty 72/64kw
    Nominal air volume13,700M3/hr
    Additional electric heater dutyTBA
    AHU Max Current/ with electric heater66/120A
    Power input total heating/ cooling19/24kw


    AHU Weight 1147kg
    AHU- width 3010mm
    Depth 2250mm
    Height 1565mm


    1. Packaged design- the units feature a full AHU with a heating and cooling heatpump fitted.
    2. C02 monitoring and control of fresh air dampers for a safer working environment.
    3. Heppa filters fitted for additional filtration.
    4. Efficient fossil fuel free operation, including heating.
    5. Built into lifting frames for safe lifting and handling.
    6. Assured reliability, with full 24/7 engineering support and servicing.


    1. Space; a clear flat open space of around 4x 3.5mt.
    2. Power; a 3 phase 66A supply. Excludes supply for the additional electric heater.
    3. Good access routes for delivery by HIAB lorry.
    4. Mounted in lifting frames. Can be handled on-site with a suitable fork lift or tele-handler truck.

    Heat Pump AHU Rental in 5 Straightforward Steps

    1. Call or send an enquiry from the site to make contact with one of our professional engineers.
    2. With some basic information we can make a proposal for heat pump AHU rental with budget costs and organise a site visit. Alternatively, if equipment is needed fast, we can liaise remotely to supply a solution quickly.
    3. On receipt of an order to proceed we will mobilise to get the equipment in place promptly with minimum disruption.
    4. Our experienced engineers will fully commission the installation and provide operational instruction.
    5. 24/7 call-out and engineering support ensures reliable operation at all times.

    Contact us now for friendly help and advice.

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