Portable Electric
Boiler Hire

Electric Boiler Hire

Given their relative simplicity, electric boilers are often ideal for short-term and temporary installations. Our industrial and commercial rental packages make increasing heating capacity for any reason incredibly straightforward.

5 Reasons To Hire From Us

  1. Extensive Range
  2. Fully Qualified Engineers
  3. 24/7 Support
  4. World Class Customer Service
  5. No Obligation Quotes

Delivery & Installation

Our mobile electric boilers are ideal for tight spaces. Our delivery and installation experts ensure any packages are seamlessly integrated onsite and quickly and safely operational with the minimum fuss, delay or disruption.

Commissioning & Maintenance

Our highly qualified and experienced engineers check every boiler package during its commissioning. Every box is ticked to ensure smooth running 24/7. You can relax knowing you are covered by a maintenance service throughout the hire period too.

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