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    Warehouse Multi-Temperature Partitioning Systems.

    We have been approached many times by clients wanting to make more efficient use of their warehouse space. The conundrum they generally face is offering storage space for temperature sensitive products.

    How do they resolve this in the most cost effective way without renting additional space?

    Climate Rentals have developed temporary systems that can help with these scenarios including;

    • Temporary partitions- installed into any warehouse, partitions can separate an area and using our HVAC equipment can operate at a different temperature.
    • Temporary insulated buildings can be built inside warehouses for specific operations such as food packaging, storage or production.
    • Temporary coldstores can be built inside warehouse to change the function of the building. We can supply a full turnkey service. Click here for a typical example.

    Overall, flexible hire and extended leasing options can help your business expand. We offer a full turnkey design and build service and with large stocks can deliver an operational area fast at very competitive rates.

    Larger warehouses can be partitioned for different temperature storage

    This large banana storage area was partitioned from the deep chill areas of the larger warehouse. The holding temperature was maintained at 15 degrees. HVAC equipment was installed with the partition for temperature control.


    A temporary buildings can be fitted inside other buildings

    A temporary insulated structure under construction. This 25x 100mt building was delivered with a 500kw cooling system in 3 weeks from order. Because of this, the client was able to meet an important contractural obligation.


    Air handling units stacked on each other for warehouse temperature control

    Equipment that we typically use for large temperature control projects. These high volume cooling and heating units move large amounts of air, suiting them to warehouse projects.


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