Temporary Chiller Hire For Scanners

What Is Temporary Chiller Hire For Scanners

Temporary chiller hire for hospital scanners refers to the provision of temporary cooling systems to maintain the optimal operating temperature of medical imaging equipment such as MRI or CT scanners. Such scanners produce a significant amount of heat during operation, and maintaining a precise temperature range is crucial for their accurate and reliable operation.

How Does Temporary Chiller Hire For Scanners Work?

Temporary chiller hire for scanners typically works by providing non-permanent portable chiller units to supply chilled water to maintain a scanners operation. Also, because of their portable nature and stock availability, speedy restoration of operation is delivered.

A general guide to procuring a chiller

  1. Assessment of Requirements: First, we will assess your needs based on factors such as the size and model of the scanner, the environment it’s placed in, and the temperature requirements specified by the scanner manufacturer.
  2. Selection of Chiller Units: Based on the assessment, we will recommend suitable portable chiller units that can efficiently maintain the required temperature range for the scanner- our chillers come in various sizes and capacities to accommodate different cooling demands.
  3. Delivery and Installation: Once the chiller units have been selected, we will deliver the chiller to your location and professionally install it safely according to your specifications.
  4. Monitoring and Maintenance: During the rental period, we will monitor and service the chiller to ensure the unit is functioning correctly and accurately maintaining the required operation.
  5. Removal and Return: At the end of the rental period, we will dismantle and remove the chiller units from your premises. They will ensure proper handling and transportation of the equipment back to our facilities.
  6. Fixed Costs; You’ll be billed for the rental period based on the duration and the chiller unit you have. Typically servicing, maintenance and breakdown support is included in this rental fee. So it’s fixed and transparent without any unexpected costs.

Fixed Costs; You’ll be billed for the rental period based on the duration and the chiller unit you have. Typically servicing, maintenance and breakdown support is included in this rental fee. So it’s fixed and transparent without any unexpected costs.

Great Reasons To Choose Climate Rentals For Temporary Scanner Cooling

  1. Professional, specialised equipment. Climate Rentals specialises in providing temporary chiller hire for scanners. This ensures that our chillers are specifically designed to meet the needs of specialist scanning equipment. Our expertise can guarantee optimal performance and compatibility.
  2. Accurate free site surveys. Site surveys are free with our technical teams working closely with clients to make sure that the correct equipment is supplied, installed and maintained for project success.
  3. Good design- maximises efficiency. We will tailor the chiller solution to fit your scanner’s exact requirements, considering factors such as size, power specifications, and environmental conditions, ensuring efficient cooling without unnecessary energy consumption.
  4. Experience led installation and support; With decades off engineering experience in our team successful installation outcomes are ensured.
  5. 24/7 engineering support throughout the duration of the project. Reassuringly, our engineers are on hand at all times to support our equipment and your project. We love the fact that temporary systems can be adjusted to meet variations in project conditions and will always endeavour to respond positively should these situations arise.
  6. Climate Rentals carry good stock levels of all auxiliary equipment required, including, power cabling, ducting, fittings, and all the other little things that can hold things up.

Emergency AHU hire at the Big Data Institute in Oxford. AHU’s, chillers and generation where supplied to maintain data centre operation.

Successful Temporary Chiller Hire Projects

We are really proud of the temporary chiller hire projects that we have completed- please find below examples of temporary cooling installations.

Temporary chiller hire for this New Cross Hospital pathology unit-

A really great job supporting this critical unit. It did present challenges in terms of installation, particularly the installation of the temporary hosing system…

For the full case study please click here

Temporary ventilation of a new ambulance triage centre at New Cross Hospital

A really tight specification was insisted upon here, including, hepa filtration, high volume ventilation and close temperature control.

Happily, our Trane IH range of heat pump HVAC units fitted the bill exactly, being unusually fitted with premium hepa filter banks.

For the full case study please click here

For more information about our ventilation services tailored for hospital please see here.

Contact Us Now For Help With Your Project

Always contactable, by phone or email, we are happy to give the best advice regarding our temporary chiller hire for scanners services.

With depots in the North and South carrying extensive stocks of suitable chiller equipment and accessories , we have the coverage to respond quickly to any project. This coupled with an experienced team ensures fast, successful outcomes.

For typical temporary cooling hire projects please check out our case studies below

70kw chillers serving internal VRAC units in a data hall.


Yes, flexible long and short contracts are available for temporary chiller hire for scanners. In general, they are offered with terms from weeks to multiple years for a fixed rental fee.

It all depends on the specification of the machine. As specialists, we can guide you through the  are various different types of temporary chiller hire for scanner options available and recommend and install the perfect solution for you.

We have a large range of options including;

  • Packaged process cooling water chillers featuring buffer tanks and pumps for a one box solution. A very popular choice with our clients is this TEA EVO machine.
  • Large stocks of suitable hosing, heat exchanger and cabling required for a seamless installation.
  • Portable air conditioning units are used as a quick solution to smaller spot cooling applications.

If you have a need, it’s best to get in touch immediately with as much information as possible to help the supplier specify suitable temporary chiller hire for scanner option. With limited information we can get the ball rolling with budget costs and a proposal that we can firm-up with a site visit.


It really is a fast simple process.

Very quickly indeed. The same or next day is completely possible.

We have the equipment in stock to cover most eventualities, so just need to get the specifications of your machine and any other requirements, including site conditions for delivery to complete a proposal and get you up and running again.

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