Temporary Event
Hvac Overlay

Temporary Event Hvac Overlay

Temporary event HVAC overlay satisfies the requirements of large events, many of which, have a requirement for heating ventilation and Air conditioning (HVAC) systems to improve the experience of customers and participants.

What Is Temporary Event Hvac Overlay?

Temporary event HVAC overlay is generally utilised by larger events that sometimes occupy sites that are not designed for the specific function- weather its multiple existing, or temporary buildings. If there is a HVAC requirement, this can be fitted and is called HVAC overlay.

Temporary overlay systems are designed to be portable and modular in nature for fast install and removal. Furthermore, all equipment is re-used, so waist is kept to a minimum.

The temporary AHU plant at the rear of the building – each HVAC AHU supplied an air sock.

How Can Climate Rentals Help With Your Event

We have a wealth of experience in this area and have worked on some of the largest events including Olympic venues. From initial consultation to installation and hand over, we have a proven track record of successfully delivering HVAC overlay projects.

The aforementioned, ensures our specialist HVAC systems are properly designed for economical installation and operation.

Heating and cooling HVAC project for a large temporary building fitted for the London Olympics

A temporary ACR 160.120 air handling unit installed on a large sporting overlay project. One of five units fitted to basketball courts and mixed use areas. Chilled water was supplied from a central 700kw water chiller.

Features Of Our Temporary Event Hvac Overlay Systems

  • One box heating and cooling and ventilation units for fast install
  • High volume air handling units with innovative air distribution systems
  • Centralised plant for larger temporary event HVAC overlay projects- larger areas/ multiple buildings covered
  • Fossil fuel free electrical operation of heating and cooling functions
  • Fully automated controls for perfect conditions
  • Air source heat pumps available for efficient fossil fuel free heating

At Climate Rentals we are proud of the work we have done in the events sector. We enjoy working on large projects and making a really positive contribution to an events success. If you would like to discuss our temporary event HVAC overlay services, please get in touch for the best advice.

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