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What Is Temporary Building Hire?

Temporary building hire is a service providing a modular structure, generally without foundations, for a fixed period of time before removal, and as such is considered non-permanent.

What Are The Benefits Of Temporary Building Hire?

Without doubt temporary building have massive advantages for businesses- some of key benefits are-

  • Fast construction of additional capacity to enable rapid expansion oif business operations.
  • Temporary building hire reduces up front capital outlay which in turn can be focussed on core business.
  • Favorable planning and building regulation rules exist around temporary buildings depending on the period of time they are erected.
  • Advantages of modular construction mean structures can be modified quickly and for minimal cost adapting to changing business requirements.
  • Efficient operation with modern insulated materials specifiable at the design phase.

Whilst not an exhaustive list, these are some really excellent reasons for opting for a temporary building. The possibilities are endless, and we really enjoy working with clients to boost their businesses.

A aluminium framed temporary building on hire in Kent for fruit storage.

So, How Do We? And How Quickly Can We Deliver Temporary Buildings?

How do we deliver a temporary building;

Our temporary buildings are basically built from a stock of standard components. By carrying large stocks of these components we can build pretty much any size and shape of building quickly. Buildings can be modified or extended along the way to suite any scenario.

Below, a short series of photos illustrates the build process from inception to completion.

The build process in simple terms involves the following;

  • Specifying a suitable building in terms of space and internal conditions including temperature control.
  • Identifying a suitable location; a flat concrete pad or other hard surface, including tarmac, is perfect for placing temporary buildings. Levelling uneven surfaces or with other buildings is possible with our unique raised platform system.
  • Stock requisition and delivery to site. Once specified and ordered, stock is designated and delivered to site flat- packed.
  • Construction commences with our experienced operatives in a safe and orderly fashion. On completion of the basic structure services are installed. This may include refrigeration or other HVAC plant for comfortable operations.
  • Hand over to client with ongoing support for the maintenance of the building and systems provides seamless stress free operation.

Obviously, this is a very simple break-down of the processes involved, however, as I clients would attest too, we have the capability and resources to respond rapidly to their needs. It really is a great service that we love providing.

A large temporary building under construction for chilled storage. Our Heavy Deck system was used to provide a level deck to work from.

What Are Temporary Buildings Typically Used For?

Highly versatile, our temporary building systems have been used for a multitude of applications, including;

  • Chilled storage for foods and other perishables. Our temporary buildings can be supplied fully insulated with refrigeration systems to maintain perfect conditions for temperature sensitive products.
  • Increasing storage capacity for logistics operations. Whether its fast response to peaks in demand, or simply a requirement for more space temporary buildings facilitate fast reactions to business needs.
  • Fully utilising your land. Scrap, uneven and un-used land can be levelled with our levelling systems, bringing them back into productive use.
  • Sports facilities, including temporary buildings, running tracks or other events requiring a level platform with regulated qualities.
  • Extending existing buildings. We can quickly attach temporary buildings to existing for increased capacity.

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Contact Us Now For Help With Your Project

Always contactable, by phone or email, we are happy to give the best advice regarding our temporary building levelling platform systems.

With depots in the North and South carrying extensive stocks, we have the coverage to respond quickly to any project. This coupled with an experienced team ensures fast, successful outcomes.

For typical temporary building hire, modular and raised deck projects please check out our case studies below

A heavy deck panel being lifted into position with a crane.


Yes, flexible contracts are available for the rental of buildings from weeks to even multiple years, and in general, offer fixed payment terms for the duration of the hire period.

In most circumstances weeks from order due to the fact that temporary buildings are built from standard modular components which are often held in large stocks for fast delivery and erection. It’s entirely possible for a 1000sq/mt building to be completed in a week from order.

This depends on the size and complexity of the building, the term of the contract, along with the construction costs which add to the overall contract value.

Pretty much any hard level ground, although uneven surfaces can be overcome with platforms which can be laid as a structural base for the temporary building.

Yes, in the same way as the temporary building, temporary HVAC equipment can be hired and installed for ventilation and temperature control purposes which are taylored to the use.

Case Studies

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