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    Emergency/ contingency cooling, planned maintenance support,


    Data centres. server rooms, UPS & other sensitive areas


    Fast install chiller and air handling systems


    Yes, available now for long and short terms

    Industries We Work In- Data Centres…

    Data centre cooling is one of the fastest growing and innovative sectors of the temperature control market. A data centre could be a whole building or a designated area within one. Generally data centres hold computers and associated equipment.

    With high equipment density and high heat output it is essential that cooling duty is maintained.

    Designed with redundancy in mind, data centres are inherently reliable, however there have been occasions when  ACR have been asked to supply additional temporary cooling.

    Typical scenarios include;

    • Maintaining data centre redundancy whilst fixed cooling equipment is replaced.
    • Maintenance or modifications to a chilled water system requiring isolation of certain areas. ACR can advise-on and supply innovative solutions to maintain service.
    • To maintain guaranteed cooling redundancy in the event of a chiller break-down. ACR have supplied rental chillers of large and small capacity to our clients to fulfil their contract terms.
    • Spot cooling in critical areas including UPS battery or transformer rooms.
    • Chiller hire for emergency situations.
    Cooling hire for a data centre, oxford

    A full stand alone server room cooling system, including power generation, installed at the Big Data Institute at Oxford University.


    ACR maintains stocks of specialist cooling equipment for rapid supply. Also, contingency planning and maintenance support.

    Specialist Services available;

    • Chiller hire
    • Air handling unit hire (AHU hire)
    • Generator/ UPS packages


    Climate Rentals has a wealth of experience in this industry and fully understands the importance of supplying reliable cooling systems to maintain data centre operations.

    If you have a project that requires a professional advice please contact us now


    Portable cooling for data centres. Here AHU's and Chillers are positioned outside the building and ductwork used to feed air inside

    Temporary Cooling installed into a London data centre whilst critical works are carried out. Here a 70kw chiller and two AHU’s were installed, with chilled air fed into the underfloor plenum.


    Please find below a short walk around of a typical external ducted cooling system.



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