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Industries We Work In – Chemicals & Plastics Production Cooling

As one of the most critical industries we work in, chemicals & plastics production rely heavily on cooling systems for multitude of different reasons, including importantly, safety. We supply a wide range of water chillers and space cooling systems to these sectors to support and improve processes.

Why Use Chillers For Chemicals & Plastics Production Cooling?

Temperature control is key too many chemicals & plastics production processes. Notably, it increases production volumes and quality, as well as, extending equipment reliability/ lifespans.

A good example is plastic injection moulding, where it is used for post moulding cooling to set the form, increasing production volumes and quality.

Another key area is production space cooling. Excess temperatures in the work area can have very negative affects on not only machines, but also personnel. The employer also has a duty of care here.

Always available, we can keep components and machinery cool and your workers comfortable.

Chemicals & Plastics Production Cooling
A 400kw water chiller installed at a BAT site providing additional cooling to a CO2 plant.

A 700kw Carrier chiller installed to provide cooling for chemical reactor cooling for a large pharmaceutical manufacturer in Kent.

How Climate Rentals Can Assist

To support chemicals and plastic production cooling, we can provide process water chillers and wider HVAC installations to fulfil a range of manufacturing applications, in a multitude of manufacturing facilities.

From paint and dye production to car component injection moulding, we can keep the working environment safe and comfortable.

Furthermore, we can help with temporary solutions should cooling equipment be required to cover breakdown/ maintenance periods, or manage peaks in demand by supporting extra capacity.

Whatever the requirement, we can have equipment onsite and installed at very short notice.

Chemicals & Plastics Production Cooling
Temporary water chillers (2x70kw packaged) installed to provide critical cooling to a plastics production plant. Rubber hosing was installed tom connect to the clients chilled water system.

Our Services For Chemicals & Plastics Production Cooling

  • Process cooling water chillers – supplied from stock and installed quickly with temporary hose and cabling
  • Manufacturing AHU hire – supplied from stock to accurately control the temperature within existing facilities
  • Temporary cooling around high heat processes – Spot cooling of problem areas- ducted AHU’s available.
  • Emergency response – we can respond quickly to unplanned maintenance or breakdown for your chemicals & plastics production cooling requirements.

Climate Rentals has many satisfied clients in the plastics and chemical industry. We know the challenges of working in production facilities and the need to maintain safe and comfortable working environments.

So, whether it’s focusing on keeping equipment and components cool or supporting your employees, we can ensure you have the right equipment when you need it. Please contact our team with any questions.

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