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Injection Moulding Cooling Hire- Emergency 350kw Chiller Hire For Polypipe

We provided plastic injection moulding cooling hire for our long standing customer Polypipe.

Injection Moulding Cooling Hire- The Challenge

As one of our oldest customers, Polypipe turned to us for a injection moulding cooling hire solution to a critical situation.

They were experiencing problems with one of their fixed chillers. The chillers perform the important role of cooling products as they leave the extruders and moulders. Crucially, his helps cure the product which without cooling looses its shape and is waste.

Significantly, a fast turn-around was required as production was being lost.

The problem chiller on site was rated at 300kw.

Injection Moulding Cooling Hire at Polypipe
This 350kw rental chiller was installed in one day to support Polypipes injection moulding processes.

The Daikin 350kw temporary chiller fitted at Polypipes site in Horncastle.

The Solution

We recommended that a 350kw chiller was fitted to replace the on-site chillers 300kw duty. Because of the fast turn around required, the chiller, cable and hosing was dispatched the same day. Our engineers were in attendance on arrival to install in double quick time.

The chiller was mounted at ground level next to the plant room and flexible 3″ hose used to connect into the customers water system. Handily, access points were available for this, something we would highly recommend that any customer with a critical system has available.

Power was fed from a nearby distribution board with capacity available. The use of single core H07 RNF cable ensured fast installation.

Finally, the system was filled from the customers open vented tank and the chiller put into operation and commissioned.


Injection Moulding Cooling Hire- Summary

Demonstrating that a close customer/ contractor relationship has massive benefits, this system was installed in one day . Notably, we were familiar with the site and could specify and send the correct equipment without delay.

The system remained in position for 3 months whilst the sites chiller was replaced.

If you would like us to come and talk to you about putting contingency plans in place, please get in touch.

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