Building Cold Storage

What Is Temporary Building Cold Storage?

Temporary building cold storage are temperature controlled structures that are installed for limited period of time and as such are not considered permanent. Fast to install, they are undoubtedly a great way to increase a companies cold storage capacity.

Is Temporary Building Cold Storage Right For Your Business?

It could be that you have run short of space, or need additional for production peaks? If you are in this situation, Climate Rentals can quickly supply a structure and cooling system to maintain your cold chain supply at full capacity.

ACR fit temporary building cold storage to most hard surfaces. Even if you have uneven ground or a raised platform, we can level this with our Heavy Deck system. A good example of its use is levelling with existing loading docks.

Also available, are temperature control systems for maintaining temperatures between -10 to 20 plus degrees.

Temporary building cold storage in Kent. This 35x20mt structure was ordered to increase a fruit packers chilled storage capacity. Insulated with 100mm PIR wall panels and fitted with refrigeration plant, it efficiently maintains a 4 degree operation.

Our Customers Typically Rent Temporary Structures For...

  • Fast installation of additional space for increased storage capacity.
  • Temporary increases in storage capacity for peaks without committing large amounts of capital to permanent buildings.
  • Short term re-location for refurbishment or new builds.
  • Flexible design- structures can be extended as required.
  • Favourable planning permissions for company growth- permissions are only required after 28 days and of course structures are easily removed.
  • Buildings are insulated with modern chiller equipment fitted for efficient, reliable operation.

Crucially for our clients, we can supply and install temporary cold store buildings at short notice to support changing business needs.

The aluminium structural supports are assembled on the floor and then lifted into position for fixing.

Temporary building cold store is a fast and effect way to increase your cold storage capacity. The massive 25x100mt temporary cold store was designed, constructed and operational in three weeks.

Key Features Of Our Temporary Building Cold Storage Service

  • Temporary buildings are of modular design for fast construction on site.
  • Temporary building cold stores can be attached to existing buildings and supplied with lighting and roller doors.
  • The main structure is manufactured in extruded aluminium sections.
  • Roofs are PVC Polyester envelopes that are inflated to provide good insulating properties.
  • Polymer composite insulated wall panels are used providing a well insulated durable finish.
  • Reliable chiller systems reliably maintain temperatures of 5 degrees and lower for cold storage applications.

Additionally, for full stand alone operation, buildings can be supplied with generators and fuel management options, for complete peace of mind.

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