Decades of engineering experience dedicated to professional chiller servicing- all manufacturers- all types, including maintenance of cutting edge Turbocor compressor chillers.

Water Chillers

High capacity water chillers form the back bone of many large scale cooling systems servicing large offices, data centres, processes and many others. Whilst increasingly VRV systems are being used in many small to medium sized offices, water chillers are still extensively used for larger applications. Advantages include centralisation of the primary refrigeration system to one accessible place- here leak testing and containment procedures, as well as engineering activities such as chiller repair work, can be carried out more easily.

Regular Chiller Servicing

Planned, regular chiller servicing is critical to maintaining these machines in optimum running order, and for the operator/ owner to meet their regulatory obligations in terms of the FGas regulations – the principle objective of which, is to contain, prevent and thereby reduce emissions of gases shown to have a powerful global warming effect as covered by the Kyoto Protocol.


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chiller servicing
Advanced Cooling Solutions maintains some of the largest cooling plants in London. ACS is contracted to maintain the City Point Mcquay PEH chillers.


Reduced Emissions

Indirect emissions, ie, additional emissions of CO2 generated by in-efficient machinery, are now an important consideration of all our chiller maintenance programmes- we can help you keep your machinery in optimum running order saving energy and money.

Advanced Cooling Solutions offer chiller servicing programmes for all makes, including amongst others, Carrier, Trane, McQuay, Climaveneta, Geoclima, Daikin and many more, including chillers fitted with the new Turbocor compressor. We can tailor a chiller maintenance programme to meet your individual on site requirements, technically, financially and regulatory.


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