The ACR 60CH- 60kw chiller hire for all aplications

ACR’s range of smaller capacity rental chillers have been designed with the smaller chiller rental market in mind.

The chillers are designed to be portable and compact for easy transport and site positioning. The chillers are fully packaged with pumps and tanks fitted. Connection to our clients systems is generally in flexible hose- a fast and reliable connection system.

A major advantage of the ACR CH range is the evaporator heat exchanger. The tanks on-board the chillers are fitted with finned tubed evaporators that are very robust and almost impossible to block- very reliable efficient operation is possible.

The ACR 60CH  specs;

Cooling Duty: 65Kw’s
Input Kw: 21Kw
No. of compressors/ Circuits: 2/1
Refrigerant: R407C
Shipping Weight: 900Kg
Length mm: 2200
Width mm: 898
Height mm: 1984


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60kw chiller hire
60kw chiller hire in London. An ACR 60CH chiller installed with a portable climate control unit.


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