Reliable cost effective data centre cooling hire for planned and emergency cooling requirements

Data centres are one of the fastest growing areas of the commercial cooling market. Massive expansion in capacity has taken place over the recent years with this trend almost certain to continue with the introduction of cloud, virtualisation and other infrastructure outsourcing and co-location services. Full N plus 1 cooling redundancy or better is the standard in most data centres.

Maintaining Your Cooling Redundancy

If you have faulty or unreliable chiller plant we can supply temporary chillers to bring your data centre cooling resilience back to standard. Our chillers can be supplied on long or short contract terms to suite your business. All systems are backed-up with 24hr technical support for complete reliability at all times.

The systems can be supplied with generators for fully stand alone emergency data centre cooling hire.


Typical applications include;


  • Maintaining redundancy whilst fixed cooling equipment is replaced. This could be supplying high volume temporary CCU’s or chillers.
  • Maintenance or modifications to a chilled water system requiring isolation of certain areas. ACR can advise-on and supply innovative solutions to maintain service.
  • To maintain guaranteed cooling redundancy in the event of a chiller break-down. ACR have supplied rental chillers of large and small capacity to our clients to fulfil their contract terms.
  • Spot cooling in critical areas including UPS battery or transformer rooms.


Data centre cooling
Carrier data centre chiller hire- this chiller and pump station were installed at the Verizon data centre in Reading whilst a chiller replacement programme was carried out.


Air Handling unit hire

Close control air handling unit hire and temporary cooling rigs available for long and short terms. Whether its a single or multiple required we have equipment in stock for supply now.

Our Airedale Alphacool units offer close cooling capability and can be supplied as a complete rig with chillers, hosing, cabling etc to maintain your continuity.





High capacity space cooling air handling unit hire.

Large volume space climate control AHU’s available. ACR has one of the largest fleets in stock with over 4 megawatts air handling cooling capacity available- for all large scale data centre cooling projects.


data centre cooling
The ACS160.120 air handling unit installed. The 400kw chiller is located behind and connected by rubber suction hose.


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