Advanced Climate Rentals have been contracted to supply a temporary cooling system to a data centre whilst a programmed replacement of the close control unit is carried out.

Our client- a major worldwide co-location data centre provider- have programmed the replacement of their older Uniflair  units for new Emerson CCU’s. The works programme is phased over 14 weeks.


500mm ducting entering the data centre and under the floor plenum. The ducts were moved to follow the works.


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Temporary cooling is required in the data halls whilst the units are swapped-out. Typically 3- 4 units are to be replaced at any one time. ACR were involved in the planning stages and recommended 2x ACS 160.120 AHU’s with 90kw chillers for the project. 500mm ducting would be used to distribute to air into the building- this flexible ducting can be adjusted as required to maintain effective cooling in the work areas.



One of the ACS 160.120 AHU’s. The air inlet is into the bottom three spigots- filter banks are fitted behind. Air outlet is from the top spigots. As can be seen, we are utilising two of the outlet spigots with the third closed by damper. 

The ACS 160.120 AHU will supply 29,000m3 of air per hour. 



The ducting running along the scaffolding on the side of the building before entering through holes cut in the cladding. This run is over 50mt. 


A 90kw chiller supplies chilled water at -1 Degrees to reduce supply air temperatures if required. The ACS 160.120 is fitted with a 200kw rated chilled water coil.


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ACR worked closely with the client during the commissioning process. Extensive load testing was carried out by isolating the fixed CCU’s to test the temporary systems effectiveness. ACR will be supplying ongoing close support during the works.


The second system. All work areas were fenced with acoustic panels fitted to reduce noise.


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