The completed install at Trowbridge Pool.


A nice job this one… our client was contracted to replace the fixed air handling system at the Trowbridge Pool and Leisure Centre. An air handling system is critical to maintaining the correct humidity and temperature in the area. Problems can arise when the temperature drops and condensation forms…  it starts to rain from the buildings structure.

The pool is a popular facility in the area and the council wanted to ensure that it was available to use throughout the replacement programme. ACR were contacted to provide a solution for the on-going operation.

The Solution;

We recommended an ACR 160.120 climate control AHU. The units have on-board electric heating for safe supply of warm air to spaces. Automatic controls monitor the space temperature, staging in the heater batteries as required- perfect for maintaining the pools temperature. A total of 120kw of heating is available if required in 3x 40kw stages- the space temperature requirement was 28Degrees.

The temporary system is being supplied by a 150KVA generator with fuel management included.

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Three supply air ducts can be seen in white and the returns in grey.


The air was supplied to the area through 500mm ducts. Air was also re-circulated back to the unit through the grey suction pipe-work that can be seen above. A separate return air louvre on the AHU inlet was used for fresh air make up at 15%. Inlet panel filters are fitted to clean the air.

The system has been in operation for 2 weeks and has successfully maintained the pools environment for continued use by the public- a very satisfying result.

The ACR 160.120 Climate Control Unit;

This is a very versatile unit in a compact and portable package. Mounted in a lifting frame the unit is very tough and easy to safely handle. The air handlers have on-board electrical heating in 3x 40kw stages and a chilled water coil with a three port valve for cooling applications. They feature a high volume/ pressure fans with three inlet and outlet spigots for connection of flexible ductwork. The high pressure fan allows for long ducted systems.

The units are fitted with full controls for automatic temperature control of spaces- remote and supply air sensors are used.


Another example of a temporary installation of a portable climate control AHU. This system was installed at the Olympic Excel Fleet Depot. This unit was installed with solid ducting.

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