Temporary Event Ventilation- The Versus Versace Show

To supply temporary event ventilation for a major event at Victoria House, London.

Swimming Pool Heating Hire

The generator and AHU located to the side of the swimming pool. The air was ducted to and from the pool in flexible 500mm ducts.

An air handling system is critical to maintaining the correct humidity and temperature in swimming pools. Problems can arise when the temperature drops and condensation forms.

Cold Store Rental Solution for a Major Potato Producer

Cold store rental for potato’s was required by Greenvale due to unusually high December ambient temperatures.  This is a critical time of year in terms of volumes and a solution was required to increase their chilled storage volumes for the peak.

Chilled Storage hire for Seed Potatoes

Jersey Royal were experiencing a problem with seed potatoes sprouting early. This causes issues when planting mechanically- the sprouts are knocked-off setting the growing cycles back and ultimately effecting the yield.

Event Air Conditioning Hire- A Bespoke 747 Cooling Project

Advanced Climate Rentals were approached at short notice by the client with a significant problem. The plane was due to be used for an event, this included decking out the fuselage with live foliage to give a woodland theme.

Temporary event cooling hire- the Eton Manor Olympic Project

Temporary event cooling hire that really does the job. A total of six 80kw temporary AHU were installed into this marquee. A 400kw chiller provided chilled water for coolling.

This HVAC project came about as a result of the test events held prior to the Olympics. Worryingly, it was found that insufficient space was available for the opening ceremony performers to make up in.

Chemical Reactor Process Cooling Chiller Hire

Chemical reactor chiller hire for a major chemical production company. Syngenta approached ACR for a solution to their cooling needs at their KIP production facility.

Temporary Cooling for Chocolate Storage- Logistics Warehouse Cooling

One of the high level mounted 100kw AHU's. Frame mounted these units has the structural integrity for span the racking. High air volume and movement ensured air was moved effectively

Temporary cooling for chocolate storage. Without doubt one of the most challenging projects we have ever completed. This emergency cooling installation presented challenges in terms of equipment positioning and safe working practices.

Office Building Chiller hire in London.

This 300kw chiller was installed in the adjacent car park. Temporary hose and cabling connected it to the roof plant

Event air-conditioning hire in London for an Olympic project that was specified and delivered at short notice for the games.

Event air-conditioning hire in London- The o2 arena athletes tunnel

Four 30kw event air conditioning hire AHU's were installed into the athletes tunnel connect the trainer area to the main event hall.

Event air-conditioning hire in London for an Olympic project that was specified and delivered at short notice for the games.

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